Winter Treats Your Body Will Love!

Whenever someone mentions skincare, most people automatically think about their face. There’s an entire ocean of skin concerns, from aging, dryness, sensitivity, wrinkles to UV rays – and they can all affect the rest of the body as much as your pretty face.

Our faces are our identity, presenting us to the world and reflecting so many things about us. The skin on the face and neck is more delicate than the skin everywhere else, and more exposed to all the factors that cause skin damage, so it’s perfectly normal to give our faces special attention.

But don’t forget that the same kind of nourishment and care is required for our bodies too! The product choices for your body deserve just as much attention as your under-eye cream.

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Our hand-picked tips below are must-do’s for the cold weather. Give them a try and let us know how they work for you!

  1. Water is crucial: Not only does your skin require hydration to be healthy, but water also helps improve circulation and fight with one of the nastiest body concerns women face – cellulite.
  2. Choose the right bath products: Opt for bath products on grounds other than their divine smell. Some people react badly to bubble baths and shower gels made for another skin type. Pick something that suits your skin best and make your relaxing moments not only enjoyable, but skin savvy too!Featured + Fotka 1 - Proizvodi
  3. Avoid excess heat: Resist the temptation to take hot baths or showers in winter. It will dry your skin. The same rule applies with indoor heating – don’t overdo it and if you must crank up the heat, make sure you also run the humidifier on high!
  4. Moisturizing is key: Use moisturizers or body oils lavishly for softer skin. They are absorbed best when applied directly after your shower on damp skin. Another important thing to remember is that in winter, all the extra layers of clothes and friction may make your skin dry and more sensitive. Use extra dollops of moisturizer before you put your clothes on and after you take them off.
  5. Remember to exfoliate: Your body needs a healthy scrub once in a while, so make sure you do it around once a month, or twice during winter. An extra tip here is to try choosing organic, high quality scrubs that are not only eco-friendly, but also give better results.


Taking care of our bodies is as much work as caring for our faces, but it’s also that much of a pleasure when our skin is smooth, hydrated, beautiful and healthy. Pick your routine and enjoy the results with a silky smooth body despite the harsh winter months!


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Winter Treats Your Body Will Love!

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Winter Treats Your Body Will Love!

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