Your 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

summer beauty must haves

The summer sun calls out to you. Whether at the beach, on a picnic up the mountains, fishing by the lake, or simply hanging out with friends at your local mall, summers are all about outside time. Summers are also about sweaty, sticky skin, suntans, acne breakouts, and sunburns. While you surely get back your color, you definitely expose your delicate skin to unwanted pollution and other factors that can wash away months of skin care!

Here is mySkin’s list of top five summer skincare essentials that will keep you skin healthy 24 X7.

Sunscreen- Its your first defense against the sun! Sunscreen tops this list of must-haves. Sunscreen will protect the skin not only from sunburns and tans, but also from a host of deadly skin cancers that can be caused due to over exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Sunscreen should be applied regularly; at least every 3 to 4 hours. When applying sunscreen, make sure to cover all exposed parts like nose, ears, hairline, neck, chest, hands, nape of the neck, feet, etc. Your whole body needs at least a shot-glass full of sunscreen every time you apply, whereas the face requires a teaspoon-full!

Moisturizer- The summer sun can literally parch your skin. Its heat can strip the moisture right out of your face, making it dry, lifeless, and more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Apply a light water-based moisturizer regularly to keep your skin well hydrated and fresh.

Facial Wipes / Blotting Tissues- An absolute must-have for every one of you. When you’re out-n-about in the summer sun, facial wipes, and/or blotting papers (especially the ones with SPF content), not only help to refresh the skin and clean dirt, grime, and makeup, but also help in taking care of that shine on your nose, to reveal instantly fresh, breathy, skin.

Water-based Makeup- Your summer skin needs to breathe. Oil and cream based makeup like foundations, shadows and blushes tend to be too heavy for the summer skin. Combine this with the sweat and dirt, you can have a breakout! Shop for water-based makeup that is lighter on your skin.

SPF Lip Balm- Sure, you apply sunscreen – on the body and on the face! However, the lips are often forgotten. In summers, the delicate skin on your lips needs more care than your regular sunscreen. Choose a lip balm with SPF 10 to keep your lips looking luscious and protected.

Enjoy your sunny days!


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