Your Chances Of Getting Toasted!

My omnipresent laptop! Given a chance I wouldn’t really take any time off from my machine. It’s my best source of information, entertainment and being connected with friends. Do you have a similar loving, lap-py relationship with your machine- always keeping you warm? You and I are perfect candidates to get toasted!

The toasted skin syndrome isn’t new and is not an overworked scientific imagination. This syndrome was first observed on people who worked in closed heated environments like locomotive furnaces, open fires, coal stoves, and wood ovens.

I work with my laptop- am I at risk? In a study conducted, a twelve year old got a ‘sponge colored discoloration’ on the left side of his thigh. Research indicated that this twelve year old used the laptop for long hours propped on his legs. The laptop got heated on the left side giving him TSS (toasted skin syndrome).

Working with your laptop placed on your legs can give you mottled red skin. This syndrome appears like a brown or red rash because of prolonged heat exposure without actually causing the skin to burn. The skin redness has a net like reticular pattern that is caused by hemostatis to the area where your laptop generates heat. When seen under a microscope such skin looks very much like the one which has seen a lot of sun damage.

Is there a reason to get alarmed? Toasted skin syndrome is caused by the overuse of heating pads or other heating sources which are not hot enough to cause burns. Though this condition is harmless, it can lead to permanent skin darkening. This should be reason enough not to use a laptop propped up on your lap.

Best is to use a heat shield under your laptop or simply sit at a desk:)

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Your Chances Of Getting Toasted!

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