3 Beauty Learnings At Miss Universe


Team mySkin was with the judges at the Miss Universe pageant and had the privilege of spending some time with these pretty women! These Serbian girls are natural supermodels – tall, athletic, and smart!

Makeup & Sun Overload: We observed first hand via videos which were a part of the show, how  the effects of too much makeup and time in the sun because of those long photo shoots  could result in skin damage in the future, and how skin cleansing, moisturizing , toning and protecting, hair care, in addition to regular spa and exercise and diet are extremely essential for these beauties. myskin’s technology is helping many analyze, improve and maintain healthy skin!

Are Your Moles Telling You Something? In the swimsuit round , our hawk eyes noticed a lot of moles, also possible because of time spent in the sun, and this is a call for action to use the myskin phone app to monitor regularly. The girls loved it!

Measure And Maintain Your Skin: We also saw oil being used liberally in the swim suit round. Brings out the natural shine and glow, and here the dermograph helps measure and maintain. The girls love the Skintwin(TM)  concept on the site, since it helps them see what products would be most effective for skin like theirs, without costly trial and errors.

All in all, beauty is more than skin deep. mySkin continues to make the world’s skin more beautiful, one metric at a time.  You don’t have to be a beauty contestant or be in front of the camera every day to sit up and take note. Start today!