Awesome Day 2 At International Beauty Show, New York


My cup is filled with the best beauty chocolate topped with rich skincare cream after an awesome day 2 at #IBSNY! Interested in knowing what I did to feel so special, excited and beauty-full? Read on.

Day 2 started off with an IBS press breakfast, hosted by SHE by SO.CAP.USA. During the event, the luxe hair extension line presented a check to the American Cancer Society, representing the money raised to fight cancer through SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s annual Pink Hair for Hope Campaign. A cancer survivor told her emotional story of how this company helped her with her hair loss during her fight with a rare form of breast cancer ,which showed up 16 weeks after she was pregnant.

This was followed by a class on the usage of light therapy in treatment rooms, for overall wellness, health and skincare. Julianne Bien explained her research of over 18 years in this area and how light and various wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum could actually stimulate various hormonal glands and lead to overall health of an individual if incorporated correctly with other body care routines.

I did the rounds of the booths and came across several interesting skincare lines and it was motivating to note that a lot of them use plant stem cells and more botanicals than ever before. It looks like organic, natural, biodegradable and non-toxic are soon going to be mainstream and no longer an alternate choice. I for one, am liking this trend, for sure! I saw several alternatives to chemical peels, a diamond (!) powder exfoliant, and lots of body soaks and scrubs, including ‘chocolat’, a whole line based on chocolate, mmmm…. which smelled as good as it looked! I couldn’t resisting getting a few of those chocolate scrubs for myself!

Later, I attended a great class on peptides by Michael Pugliese of Circadia, which emphasized the types and usage of different peptides for multiple conditions such as aging, pigmentation, acne and rosacea, and noticed that there were a lot of peptide based products out there on the show floor.

Now on to the hair and makeup – the beauty show upstairs is simply mind blowing! Most of the time it felt like there were 50 nightclubs rolled into one, with the throbbing music, hair models walking around everywhere or having their tresses coiffed and  snazzy setups with bright lights. The pulsating and catchy music from live DJs almost had me break into dance. Eve Pearl showed off their moisturizing and hydrating makeup lines, with a lineup of gorgeous colors. I saw many products specifically designed for curly hair; line made from cashmere extract  especially caught my eye. If you’re looking to add layers to your natural hair, you may want to consider wigs and extensions made of organic protein that is soft, hypoallergenic and natural! In addition to the synthetic hair products, I saw an array of organic and natural hair products too.

Speaking of hair, nut oil is all the rage! It’s bigger and seriously larger than any of the previous years I’ve been to the show. Macadamia, Argan and other nuts from the Middle East have caught on in a bit way and they look like they are here to stay in the US market. Check out all the action with pictures from #IBSNY on our FaceBook page!

Its been a day of fun, hair, makeup and last but not the least, making wonderful connections with new friends!


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