dermograph for the Smart Spa: Increase Revenues By Going Deep Beneath The Skin

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Although the skin provides plenty of visible clues about its current state, it’s not always easy to understand what is really going on beneath the surface. Fortunately, mySkin’s dermograph offers spas a revolutionary new way to analyze the layers of the skin from the epidermis up to the dermis and better treat individual concerns. Founded in 2007, mySkin was created to help people understand their skin and find products that really work. With roots in the medical world, the company got its start by developing a device for the early detection of melanoma. It didn’t stop there though. After realizing there was no way to accurately measure the health of the skin, the founders created dermograph, the world’s first transdermal skin imaging system.

Developed in conjunction with a world-class plastic surgeon, a dermatologist and nano-physicist, and two Harvard graduates, the dermograph can help your spa differentiate itself by providing clients with instant insight into their skin’s health, as well as advice on how to improve it. Safe and easy-to-use, the system relies on ordinary visible light—not ultraviolet or infrared light—to analyze different skin characteristics. “As the light interacts with various tissue structures like oil glands, collagen, and elastin, the software decodes the information to give a detailed assessment of the skin tissue,” says Leena Sukumar, vice president of marketing and sales. Sophisticated algorithms then enable users to measure various skin characteristics, such as moisture, firmness, luminosity, pigmentation, texture, and others.

Taking the mystery out of product recommendations, the dermograph uses the results to match clients’ skin to the proper products in your spa’s inventory to ensure they’re getting the most beneficial treatment. And if that isn’t reason enough to be enamored by the system, it also includes a tracking feature, which allows your staff to monitor clients’ skin over time, measuring its improvement. In addition, it gives estheticians the knowledge they need to launch pre-emptive strikes on future skincare concerns and shows clients firsthand how the prescribed products and treatments have helped their skin.

Representing the next generation in skin analysis systems, the dermograph is sure to boost your spa’s credibility when it comes to skincare. It not only encourages customer loyalty and improves client retention but also significantly increases product sales. Most importantly, it gives clients the tools they need to achieve radiant skin and yet another reason to trust your spa as the ultimate skincare authority.


This story originally appeared in the American Spa Magazine written by Heather Mikesell.

Heather Mikesell is Executive Editor of American Spa magazine. American Spa is dedicated to helping spa professionals better their businesses. Providing spa owners and managers with inside information and trends on everything from the bottom line to wellness. American Spa is a multiple award winner for editorial and design excellence, receiving numerous honors from the Neal Awards, Folio Awards, American Business Media and The Society of Publication Designers (SPD).


To see the world’s first transdermal skin imaging system in action visit us at Booth 1125 at the ISPA conference in La Vegas Oct 21-23 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. 

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