Heady Mix Of Skin Analysis And Public Relations At Networking Night!


It was networking night at New York with mySkin Inc. and Deirdre Breckenridge.The event was great. The venue was beautiful, people were very engaged – taking notes and asking good questions. Good buzz on twitter.  The hall was packed with PR people, start up people, and  bloggers.

The highlight was  a talk from Deirdre Breckenridge. She spoke on how to use social media for great connects and viral spread. I completely agree with her on developing emotional connects in the social media space. She shared  many more thoughtful insights. For more please read notes from my friend, Phil Michaelson

mySkin Inc. showcased the world’s first sub dermal skin analysis device to all present at this wonderful do. It was great talking to many interested folks on how the device works and how it gives one an unbiased, scientific assessment of your skin to its deeper levels.

For more pictorial representation of this meet up, peek at http://www.meetup.com/Beauty20/calendar/15250415/

It was a great night of learning and making new friends:)