mySkin Launches ScanZ- Your Pocket Friendly Acne Scanner

miniz_Introducing ScanZ- The first, phone-connected, pocket acne scanner in the world

Berlin, October 28th — mySkin, the company behind one of the largest online social beauty platforms and creator of the world’s first transdermal skin analysis system (dermograph™) has revealed their latest new product, ScanZ, at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.

ScanZ is an on-the-go device that connects to your smartphone that scans and tracks acne progress.

It understands your skin and answers three questions for you:

When will your pimple go away?

What should you do to make it go away faster?

Will you break out if you don’t have a pimple?

ScanZ takes transdermal images of your skin and is based on a combination of spectroscopy, dermoscopy and proprietary non-invasive, light technologies.  The app leverages Mayo Clinic algorithms to solve acne problems. The app displays results, solutions, and concerns and communicates with the user. The more you use it, the better it knows you, and the more effective the solutions. 

The idea behind this ground breaking product is to enable users to have control over their skin. ScanZ enables you to leverage science and helps you know what is going on under your skin.  It also keeps you prepared for what is coming — whether you are planning a date, have an important meeting or a lifetime event, you can track changes on your skin and know what to expect.

ScanZ will be an open platform, with API and SDK access for developers to create apps for new skin conditions, hair, and other opportunities. It will also enable advanced image analysis to address consumer needs.

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About mySkin- mySkin Inc. was founded in 2007 to help people understand their skin and find products that world. mySkin has invented the world’s first  transdermal skin analysis system (dermograph™). The dermograph uses a novel approach to measure skin health through a proprietary imaging technology. We are also behind one of the largest online social beauty platform with over 1 million product. Scanz is the latest addition to the family of mySkin products and has been launched at Tech Disrupt event in Berlin.

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