mySkin Was At The Natural Beauty Summit, New York

The Natural Beauty Summit, America was held on May 14th-15th in New York at the Sheraton hotel. An intimate group of influencers and trailblazers in the field  of natural beauty attended and mySkin was honored to be invited as part of the group.

Here are the highlights of the wonderful connections, and beauty learnings we made at the summit: 

TRENDS:  Filipe Sabara, Global Business Director of Beraca, a Brazilian company committed to natural and sustainable products and growth discussed the company’s biodiversity enhancement program. He highlighted some of the ways in which his company partnered with big brands to provide quality products while conserving forests and enhancing the social structure, all via sustainable processes.

Lilliana George from Aveda/Estee Lauder mentioned some of the challenges companies faced in getting from organic chemistry to green chemistry and brought up how their company was the first to achieve Cradle to Cradle Certification for their products. Only when there is critical mass will green become organic. She also likened the movement of green products adoption to that of green buildings made of glass and steel as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar, an analogy I liked and agree with.

Leila Rochet Podvin from Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation highlighted the rise of ‘positively green’ around the world. She quipped that sustainability is a worldwide imperative , given many of the challenges denizens of today’s earth face. Most people are much more aware today and aspire to have holistic, ‘connoisseurship’ and haut-nature attitudes.

TECHNOLOGY: Several speakers spoke about latest technology in skincare ingredients and it was fascinating to learn of some of the things that are in the pipeline for skincare-

Alexandre Phulpin of Phycosource described the continued ascent of microalgae in the beauty industry in particular. Microalgae are a fantastic reservoir of new biological actives and specialty base material for beauty products.

Rachid Anane from Naolys presented plant cells as a sustainable supply of cosmetic actives which preserves both biodiversity and natural resources, while reducing wastes.

Chia Chen described the journey of her company, Estee Lauder, to green cosmetics and emphasized environment, social responsibility and human health as the three pillars of sustainability.

Oakbio is a company that is creating a new path to valuable chemicals that provide beauty solutions using proprietary microbes that grow on nothing but gases. Russell Howard, the speaker and CEO of Oakbio is passionate about Cleantech and Sustainable chemistry.

SOCIAL MEDIA and BEAUTY REGULATION: Several speakers emphasized the importance of social media in disseminating important information about beauty and skincare products amongst customers. More and more customers are speaking up and brands are having active conversations with customers on these social media platforms. Speakers from various European and American regulatory bodies provided an the overview of organic/natural standards and outlined current and future expected changes in these standards and what skincare companies can expect from them. These organizations included NSF, COSMOS-(European standard), and Personal Care Products Council.

In Summary,

  • Green, natural and sustainable is picking up as a worldwide movement, whether in skincare or lifestyle.
  • Companies everywhere are striving to incorporate best practices into their formulation, manufacturing, distribution and company processes – this is great news!
  • The best way to have companies create natural, and green products is to make your voice heard via social media.

Thanks to the organizers, Marie Alice and Sandie Jaidane for a well orchestrated event. mySkin will be sure to attend next year too.


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