5 Tips To Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

Having a healthy Thanksgiving is easier said than done. Or is it? Here are five easy, low-maintenance ways to stay on the right side of things this Thursday.

Don’t skip your morning workout
Weather you like to jog, spin, hike or zone out on the elliptical at the gym – don’t skip Thanksgiving morning! Think of it as pre-emptively offsetting the calories you’ll ingest later. Creating a caloric deficit will put you in the right frame of mind (and body) to regulate the potential excesses the day inevitably presents.

Serve (or graze on) pre-feast munchies that are filling but healthy

Instead of heavy cheeses and candied nuts, have veggies and yogurt-based dips. If you’re hosting, you can even consider serving a hearty salad or vegetable soup as a first course so your guests start the meal satiated and not ravenous – less likely to overindulge.


Feature healthy fall superfoods
Whether you’re hosting the feast or contributing a dish, showcase delicious, seasonal veggies and don’t blast them into submission with too much butter or sugar. Check out our recipes for healthy Thanksgiving dishes featuring fall superfoods for ideas.


Put healthier, veggie-based dishes at the front of the buffet line
People naturally put larger portions of the first dishes they encounter on their plate. Make sure those dishes are healthy (broccoli, green beans, salad) so they’ll have to choose the fattier dishes at the end of the line more sparingly (mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing).


Squeeze in a walk before dessert
Instead of popping a few buttons and settling in for football, get your body moving after eating. The fresh air will feel great and walking encourages digestion. If you need motivation, you can think about that (reasonably sized) slice of pie waiting for you when you get back.

How do you stay healthy on Thanksgiving? Please share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

5 Tips To Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

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5 Tips To Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

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