Balancing Act: Is pH Important?


Many skincare brands throw around the phrase ‘pH-balanced’ as a marketing tool without actually explaining what role pH levels play in achieving healthy skin. Allow us to clear things up:

pH is an abbreviation for ‘potential hydrogen’ and refers to the level of acidity vs. alkalinity of your skin. On a pH scale (0-14), 0 is most acidic and 14 most alkaline. Healthy skin is on the acidic end of things (4-5.5) at which level it will look moist, plump and glowing.

Why is pH important? Healthy pH levels play a vital role in your skin’s protective barrier, called the acid mantle. When the balance is off, the mantle begins to break down, exposing your skin to all sorts of environmental damage (pollution, bacteria, toxins) and allowing the good stuff to seep out (lipids, fatty acids, moisture).

When pH goes out of whack, it usually becomes too alkaline – this is by far more common than skin getting too acidic, though that can also happen (usually the result of too many glycolic peels). Skin that is too alkaline is prone to acne, dryness and premature signs of aging.

Here are three ways to keep your pH in the sweet spot:

Throw away your soap. Instead, use a natural cleanser on your face; cream-based for dry skin or foaming for oily complexions.

  • Incorporate lots of green veggies into your diet and cut down on sugar, dairy, processed grains and alcohol.
  • Use your OKU on a regular basis to monitor your skin’s condition. Your SkinScore and personalized recommendations will allow you to adjust your skincare regimen as you go, so you continue to see results and improve your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Have you ever tested your skin’s pH? Share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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Balancing Act: Is pH Important?

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Balancing Act: Is pH Important?

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    Amazing blog, many thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I have one question in my mind, can I check the pH level of natural skin care products we’re using? Is there any way to check it or can check only in labs. If yes, then kindly share your experiences and thoughts. All suggestions are always welcome 🙂

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