Be Your Own Valentine: How to Love Your Skin

If traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations aren’t your thing (boxed chocolates and Hallmark cards are not for everyone) opt instead for some self-love this year. Whether it be treating yourself to a massage or a facial, soaking in a fragrant rose-petaled bathtub or tucking into your favorite meal, indulge yourself without guilt.


If you’re considering giving yourself a gift, make it something that’s sleek, smart and will provide you satisfaction for months to come. OKU checks all those boxes and more. Plus, it will visibly transform your skin.

Still not sure what OKU does? OKU is a revolutionary skin-scanning device that connects to an iPhone and promotes skin health and wellness by enabling users to see below their skins’ surface to analyze and address their skincare concerns. It’s like a window to the wellness of your skin health, which is a key indicator of overall health and well-being.


OKU calculates your SkinScore by analyzing your skin’s readings (moisture, oil, texture, wrinkles and pigmentation levels), your lifestyle (sleep, exercise, UV exposure and stress), and your diet (hydration and nutrients).

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Based your SkinScore, OKU will develop customized product, lifestyle and diet recommendations that are most effective for your skin type. As your skin starts to improve, so does your SkinScore. It’s like having a super motivated personal trainer, for your face.

When you truly love your skin, it shows. This Valentine’s Day, invest in this miraculous organ that does so much for you.

(You can also have boxed chocolates).

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Be Your Own Valentine: How to Love Your Skin

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Be Your Own Valentine: How to Love Your Skin

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