Beauty Sleep in a Jar

When’s the last time you got 8 hours of sleep?   Whether the cause is stress, work, kids, household chores or a snoring spouse, most Americans don’t get the recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect your mood and energy levels, it affects your skin health as well. Skin repairs itself at night, so if you’re routinely sleep-deprived, your complexion will show it. More important than any product, getting a full night sleep is critical to maintaining skin health.

But getting more sleep is sometimes easier said then done. Making a few simple changes, you may find beauty sleep is within reach.

Making these simple changes in your routine can help you get better beauty sleep:

  • Don’t eat a big meal too late in the day – A large meal causes your metabolism to fire up which can make falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. Avoid eating 2-3 hrs before bedtime.
  • Start a bedtime ritual – A ritual helps your mind and body unwind from a busy day and transition to sleep easier. Go to bed at the same time every night, introduce a calming bath or meditation to help you relax and get ready for sleep and follow a night time skin care regimen
  • Ban electronics from the bedroom – Work emails and tragic news stories at 11pm can bring on stress, which will affect sleep.
  • Sleep in a cool, dark, quiet room – If the room is too hot not only will it dry out skin it could make it more difficult for you to breathe which will interrupt sleep
  • Switch to high thread cotton or satin sheets or pillow cover – They are gentler on skin and less irritation means fewer night waking from itchy skin.

If after making changes sleep still evades you, ramp up your nighttime skin regimen so you can counteract the lack of sleep and still wake up skin refreshed and looking younger!



  • Cleanse your face – removing dirt and make-up from the day is crucial to allowing skin to go through its renewal process. Opt for a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and make-up without stripping too much moisture.
  • Use a serum – serums generally have a higher concentration of active ingredients and can be used for your target concern. For wrinkles, choose collagen-building ingredients like peptides and retinol or retinoic acid. For spots, use a fading or brightening serum.
  • Apply a Night Cream – formulas laced with antioxidants, peptides, or retinol will battle the signs of aging. If retinols are too irritating for you, stick to collagen-building peptides; they generally don’t cause any skin irritation.
  • Eye Cream – The skin around your eyes is thinner then the skin on the rest of your face and more sensitive. Whether you prefer wrinkle-fighting peptides or retinol, choose an eye-specific product to ensure that you’re using a formula designed to minimize any skin reactions in this area.


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Beauty Sleep in a Jar

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Beauty Sleep in a Jar

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