Create A Perfect Running Plan

Whether you’re an experienced runner wanting to upgrade his endurance or a first-time jogger trying to start working out regularly, the first step after you decide to run is to create a plan.

Not all plans work out, though – some of them are designed to fail. That’s why we decided to shed light on some action items to have in mind when making a running plan.

  1. Set up a (realistic) goal – It’s important to know what you want to achieve and outline it clearly – but only if it’s realistic! If you’re just starting to run, it’s not realistic to aim for record breaking sessions in the first month. Assess your possibilities and goals and make them clear.
  2. Give yourself a deadline – Time planning is crucial! Even if you decided to run for years to come, split that time into smaller portions and assign dates on which you will check how’s your goal going and what to do to improve your trainings.
  3. Choose your frequency and print a layout – Make a choice of your running days during the week and print a weekly layout to fill in. Use a pencil first, if you change your mind or find a better way to organize your running sessions.
  4. Create a plan that lasts – When filling out the layout, make sure you’re going to be able to use once you decide to increase your miles, days or times of day. For example, your longest and hardest session should always happen on the same day; that way, you will be progressing without disrupting the schedule you’re used to.
  5. Get the equipment! – Don’t try to look like you’ve just jumped out of a TV commercial for a sportswear brand, but do try thinking about the essentials. A good pair of running shoes is absolutely crucial – once you provide them, you can get some comfy workout wear as well.
  6. Eat well – get your diet in order and make sure you have a healthy, nutritious meal after every run.
  7. Have patience – Results of every effort to get your body in shape take time. Don’t give up, work out regularly and the results will come!

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Create A Perfect Running Plan

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Create A Perfect Running Plan

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