Diet Choices & Healthy Skin: How Are They Connected?

By now you surely know that genetics has the biggest impact on your skin’s health. But no worries, this doesn’t mean your skin’s issues are completely dependant of it. Other factors such as diet, lifestyle and products influence your skin’s look and feel as well!


Let’s start with diet.

What you eat (and drink!) might not affect your skin immediatelly, but you can definitely see improvements over the course of time. Water is a great example: by increasing your water intake you are improving hydration levels in your entire body, your skin included. Hydrated skin is softer, plumper and it’s texture and elasticity are noticeably better.

And did you think of how your favorite additions to food and beverages, sugar and salt, affect your largest organ?

Well, we did.
Increased sugar intake is a cause of breakouts and oily skin for many people. Though some may cut themselves some slack and indulge in sugar without seeing an immediate effect on their faces, it’s still not healthy to overdo it. We’re sure you already know this, because nowadays everyone is talking about sugar being bad for you, but what about salt?

How many of you actually measure their salt intake? And how many people really know that too much salt on your plate can be seen on your face?
While salt is absolutely necessary in our diet, keep in mind that it can be found in many foods you would never think of, such as snacks, and in excessive amounts! Too much salt causes your body to retain water, which leads to… you guessed well, bloating and puffiness.

Salt, sugar and water consumption are only a couple of examples of how minding your menu can be wise, but OKU can tell you far more than a blog post! Pre-order your OKU here and it will coach you to amazing skin with timely advice about your diet choices.

Yeah, we know. You’re welcome.

Diet Choices & Healthy Skin: How Are They Connected?

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Diet Choices & Healthy Skin: How Are They Connected?

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