Get Better Skincare Recommendations With OKU

Ever wondered what that new product from the commercial does to your skin? Is it effective enough? Will it bring the promised change?


Wonder no more, with OKU you’ll get personalized skincare and product recommendations which are in accordance with your skin type and condition.

OKU collects data from thousands and thousands of different skin types globally to develop its skincare analysis technology and algorithms, including the concept of Skintwin™ which identifies product experiences by people with similar skin.

Just like fingerprints, everyone’s skin is unique. Overall, skin health and appearance are affected by many factors including genetics, lifestyle, health conditions and environment, to name a few. So products that work on others or that you read about may work for some but not for others.

Skintwins really simplify this process of product discovery by reducing the ‘trial and error’ part – A Skintwin is someone with the same skin type as you and a similar lifestyle profile. It is gleaned from mySkin’s unbiased skincare community ( of more than 40,000 members. These committed skincare enthusiasts share their reviews on products they have used and have had success with.

mySkin analyzes these reviews along with the variables affecting skin health for deeper insight on how products work on different people and makes personalized lifestyle and product recommendations that are most effective for your skin type.

You can read more about OKU and pre-order it here.

Get Better Skincare Recommendations With OKU

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Get Better Skincare Recommendations With OKU

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