Get healthy, glowing celeb-worthy skin!

Award season has begun! This morning, many are talking about the fashion and accessories worn by celebrities at last night’s Golden Globes. Of course, we were focused on their gorgeous glowing skin. It is no secret that celebrities have a team of experts (estheticians, dermatologists and make-up artists) and expensive facial treatments to help their skin look flawless.
Here we break down the pro options and some at home alternatives for common skin care concerns. Because you don’t need a celebrity budget to get celeb-worthy skin!

When your skin loses its glow

Everyone experiences dull skin. Whether it’s from the build up of make-up, travel, environment or just natural skin cell turnover, eventually skin will start to lose its luster. Regular exfoliation is key to regaining a glowing complexion. Why? Removing older layers of skin is necessary so treatment and moisturizing products can really penetrate the skin.

Pro options: When celebs need to glow, they turn to dermatologists for microdermabrasion treatments, which polish the face with tiny crystals, to exfoliate skin. They slough away dulling skin cells and create a ready and willing surface for anti-aging creams and serums. Celebs also do facial peels which contain papain enzymes or lactic acid to smooth the skin’s surface, unclog pores and boost radiance.

At home options: You can follow the celebs or try this at home for glowing skin. Use a gentle exfoliating facial wash with round beads once a week. Massage it lightly into your skin and rinse off. Another option is to use a cleansing brush. Again, use it once a week. After both, apply a glycolic acid lotion or face oil afterward for a nice glow. For those with sensitive skin or a very tight budget, the most basic exfoliator is a wet washcloth. Wet washcloth with lukewarm water, add a gentle cream cleanser and gently buff skin in circular motion. Rise off and apply facial oil to skin. No one will know you didn’t splurge for the pro treatment and your skin will be ready for its close-up!


When your skin gets very dry

Winter can wreak havoc on skin. Going from cold air outside to dry heat inside can begin to take its toll. Overly dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable. It robs us of that healthy, awake look we all want. Replenishing moisture helps to plump up skin and make fine lines less noticeable.

Pro Option: When regular moisturizer isn’t enough, celebs turn to oxygen facials that douse skin with hyaluronate, a natural lubricant that helps skin hold water in.

At home options:

A few simple at home treatments can boost your skin’s moisture. First, give your face a good steam – it opens up pores, releases impurities and softens the skin. Boil a pot of water, then remove it from the heat. Lean over it just enough so that the steam is hitting your face. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, pat your face dry and moisturize.

For a quick and easy moisture mask, try combining honey and oatmeal. The combination is very emollient and helps hold moisture in your skin. Smooth it on, wait 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe off with a washcloth. You’ll save time and money with this at home solution and still get great results.


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Get healthy, glowing celeb-worthy skin!

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Get healthy, glowing celeb-worthy skin!

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