How much is enough?

You spend a lot of money on skin care products. If you use too much of them each time, you’re just wasting the product and your money. On the other hand, if you use too little to make the product stretch you won’t get the benefits you are paying for! What if you knew the right amount of each skin care product in your regimen to use? Read on to find out!

Cleanser – The size of a pea to a golf ball depending on cleanser type

If you use gel cleanser, a pea-size amount is all you need. Because of the surfactants it will foam up and give you enough to cover your entire face. For a foaming cleanser, 1 pump or a golf ball size is all you need. Any more and you could dry out your skin. For cream or oil cleansers use the size of a quarter because they don’t go as far as gel cleansers.

Spot Treatment – The size of a pea

Whether it’s acne or dark spots you want to be precise and only hit the spot needing treatment. To avoid irritating the surrounding skin, squeeze a drop of the treatment onto a Q-tip then apply. Using your fingers could transfer the treatment to other parts of your face which could cause irritation.

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Serum – The size of a coffee bean

Serums are very fluid so they spread easily. They are also highly concentrated so you don’t need a lot for it to work. Using more than a coffee bean sized dollop could cause irritation.

Daytime Moisturizer – The size of a nickel or a quarter

If your daytime moisturizer has SPF, then use the larger amount, ensuring you cover your entire face, ears and neck (front and back). If it doesn’t have SPF, a nickel-sized dollop should be enough to hydrate your skin.

Nighttime Moisturizer – The size of a nickel

A nickel-sized amount should be enough to deliver moisture to your skin. If not, consider a switch to a heavier cream if you are using a lotion. If you’re packing so much moisturizer on that you can see it on the surface of your skin, you’ve used too much.


Eye Cream – The size of a grain of rice per eye

Apply eye cream to your ring fingers and gently pat it around your whole eye area (the circles and brow bone) until it sinks in. Since the skin around the eye area is super delicate, if you are using anti-aging eye cream with active ingredients, cut the amount in half to avoid irritation.

Now that you know the right amount of product to use in your daily regimen, learn more about your skin health and which products are best to use for your skin type with OKU. OKU is the only device that enables consumers to see below their skin’s surface and analyze and address their skincare problems!

How much is enough?

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How much is enough?

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