How OKU tells you what’s (Sk)inside

Do you have a closet full of skincare products that don’t work for you?
You’ve bought countless products that you’ve read were a miracle cure or that your friends have sworn by. But for some reason, they aren’t delivering for you. The reason is that just like your thumbprint, your skin is unique to you. What works on your friends may not be the best product for you.shutterstock_126577850

What is the best way to understand your unique skin and what you need to do to keep it looking healthy? Making an appointment with a dermatologist, an esthetician at a spa or a sales clerk at the department store beauty counter are all viable options, but you may end up pressured to buy expensive treatments. What if we told you that there was an option for at home skin analysis with unbiased and trustworthy recommendations?

Meet OKU – the revolutionary device that is your Personal Skin Coach, helping you get a deeper understanding of your skin to develop a customized and effective skin care regimen for smooth, youthful and glowing skin. Small and portable, you can use it in the comfort of your own home and make decisions on your skin care without pressure from “well meaning” sales associates.

The device is super easy to use. After connecting it to your iPhone, you put the cube up to your skin and press a button. Within seconds, you will receive the analysis of your skin and recommendations for how to improve your skin care health including your problem areas.

How does it work?

The device uses multi-spectral light and sensors which allows the device to virtually see below the skin’s surface and measure physiology around the skin. It maps out the landscape of your skin, measuring sebum and sweat gland activity, identifying aging and hyperpigmentation risks before they are visible, determining pore blockage and measuring luminosity, elasticity and firmness amongst other factors. It then communicates with the custom built app that translates the images into user-friendly advice that addresses your skincare needs. The application shows areas for improvement and makes personalized lifestyle and diet recommendations.


Why is it different?

Other skin care diagnostic tools and phone apps only use photos to assess skin problems. OKU sees below the surface and gives you a skin care score based on the physiology of your skin including potential future problems. The score gives you a baseline for motivation. Think of it like the step counter on your fitness tracker- following the lifestyle and diet recommendations will help you to improve your score and your overall skin heath. Also, all recommendations are truly unbiased. They are not paid for by any company and don’t drive you to buy any one particular brand or product.

The only way to really understand your skin is to go beneath the surface to find out what’s inside. OKU can help you discover your unique skin attributes and guide you on the journey to healthy, glowing, youthful skin!

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How OKU tells you what’s (Sk)inside

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How OKU tells you what’s (Sk)inside

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