Keep Skin Clear While Exercising

While working out is great for overall skin health, if you are acne prone you need to take a few precautions to ensure exercise won’t do anything to exacerbate your acne issues.  We have some great tips for before during and after your work-out to help you keep your skin clear.

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Pre work-out Prep

 Choose the right outfit

Avoid wearing clothing that rubs against your skin during exercise, and ensure your work out wear fabric has wicking ability to keep sweat away from skin.

Remove Your Makeup

Sweating while wearing makeup can cause a buildup of excess oil and clogging of pores which will lead to acne. You don’t want to over wash acne prone skin, so the best thing to do is to avoid wearing make-up before you hit the gym.  If that isn’t possible, use a cleansing towelette to remove your make-up before working out, which you can easily store in your gym bag.

Go Light on Hair Products

Hair products such as conditioners are very oily and can clog pores when sweat carries them down your face or back.  Avoid using these types of products in your hair on intense work out days. If you can’t do that use a sweatband to keep sweat and product from reaching your face.  For those with longer hair, wearing hair back and keeping your hair or bangs off of your face can prevent additional dirt and oil from clogging your pores.

During your work out

Don’t touch your face

You should always avoid touching your face to prevent blemishes and clogged pores. This is especially important advice to follow while in the gym. Touching your face can transfer oil and bacteria (which thrive in moist, humid environments like the gym) to the skin, leading to possible acne flare-ups. If you need to wipe excess sweat, blot your skin with a clean, dry towel and avoid rubbing or wiping the skin with your hands, shirt or towel.

Clean Your Equipment

Gym equipment and mats are a nightmare for the face, because they are usually coated in germs, bacteria, sweat, and grime. To avoid transferring anything onto your face, Make sure to wipe each surface with antibacterial wipes before using.

Or, simply use a clean towel to cover gym equipment or mats that your forehead, cheeks, or chin rest on.

Post Work-Out Musts

Wash Your Face Immediately

To remove any buildup of bacteria in the pores, cleanse your face ASAP post-exercise.  Use your normal skin care regimen post work-out.  Don’t forget to moisturize!

Hop in the Shower

Staying in your sweaty clothes can lead to body acne. The best way to avoid sweat build up on your skin that will clog pores is to schedule shower time immediately after you’re done working out. If that’s not possible, use cleansing towelettes to wipe off acne-prone areas where sweat accumulates most—on the chest, back, and stomach.

Keep Skin Clear While Exercising

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Keep Skin Clear While Exercising

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