Keep Your Skin Vital With Vitamin C

In the skincare universe, there are a couple of ingredients everyone swears by: vitamin C is definitely one of them and for a good reason! It can reduce the damage sun causes to your skin, such as sun spots and therefore is very good in brightening the skin. Also, it’s very well known for boosting collagen production and fighting the free-radicals damage, all of which makes it your best friend if you’re aiming to slow down aging.

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This is only a handful of what vitamin C in skincare products can do for you, if it’s formulated well. Of course, there isn’t only one form of vitamin C you can use in skincare – there are many and they’re all used for different skincare conditions or goals.

It’s important to know you don’t have to use high concentration products only – vitamin C can be efficient in lower concentrations as well. It’s best to combine it with other efficient ingredients, like hyaluronic acid or retinol.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re using vitamin C in DIY skincare products, especially if you’re aiming to brighten your skin, you have to limit your sun exposure and be very careful about how you make and apply the products.

We found a good DIY vitamin C serum recipe here and if you’re looking to purchase a serum, check out, register and see how people with skin similar to yours rate different products and their experiences with them.

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Keep Your Skin Vital With Vitamin C

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Keep Your Skin Vital With Vitamin C

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