Latest Trend: Personal Tracking Devices for Overall and Skin Health

Over the past 30 years technology has made it possible to keep us connected 24/7, simplify daily tasks and empower us to take control of our lives and health. More people then ever are concerned about health and wellness – not just losing weight, but improving diet, sleep and physical fitness for heart and overall health. Getting healthy has been made easier by the use of wearable personal fitness tracking devices.


Personal Fitness Tracking

Even if you are starting from the couch, a fitness tracker can help improve your health by counting your steps and motivating you to exercise more throughout your day without drastic lifestyle changes or fad diets. Helpful tools found on the best devices include a step counter, distance tracker, calorie counter, heart rate monitor and speed. Some even offer sleep monitors to help monitor all aspects of your health.

Of course, just owning a fitness tracker won’t make your healthier, you need to use it consistently!  The more you use it to track your day and use the information and the tools available to tweak your habits, the better it will work for you.  Tracking and monitoring is made easier through the app your fitness tracker connects to.  The apps can convert steps into mileage, offer charts to show your progress and can give you reminders and encouragement to exercise.  You will need to add your food intake manually, but it is worth it to track everything in one place.

Start by setting realistic goals that are personalized to you.  The device may come with a default 10,000 step per day goal.  If you are just starting out and only walking 3,000 steps, 10,000 is an unrealistic goal.  Start with a more realistic increase like 300-500 additional steps per day and build up from there.  If you don’t set more realistic goals you are likely to get discouraged and not use the device.

Look at the data often and pay attention to how the numbers make you feel. On a day when you walk 1,000 more steps than usual, you may notice you feel great. You’ll want that good feeling again the next day. That’s how fitness trackers reinforce good behavior and drive you forward. As you advance you will be able to connect the dots even more and see how your exercise and eating habits are connected to better sleep and your overall mood.

To take your tracking to the next level, many devices will let you share your progress with friends who have the same tracking device or on social media sites.  Seeing how active your friends are can be highly motivating not to mention they will hold you accountable for reaching your goals.   Having a team behind you on your path to improve your health will make you more likely to succeed.

Personal fitness devices take the guesswork out of your workout. By letting your device track your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken, you’re free to focus on getting in shape and enjoying your health.

What if the same principles could be applied to your skin health?


Next Gen wearables – personal skin health tracker

Skin health is connected to overall health and well being.  As you exercise and begin to live a healthier lifestyle, you will begin to see skin benefits.  But how can you track it?

There are many beauty devices on the market to help zap zits, reduce wrinkles and clean skin. What about a tool that can help you diagnose skin health, make treatment recommendations and then assess your progress?  Current diagnostic tools only touch the surface of skin using photography which is limited to what is happening on the surface of the skin.  Also, they do not give recommendations on how you can improve your skin health.


Meet OKU, your personal skin care coach.

Taking the principles behind personal fitness trackers to the next level, OKU goes beyond current personal skin diagnostic tools on the market to diagnose skin health below the surface and help coach you to better skin health. As explained by mySkin Inc CEO Rahul Mehendale in his article for GCI magazine, “OKU sees what you can’t – by literally looking under your skin. It takes a scan of your skin, analyzes it in detail, takes into account your lifestyle information and provides you with an easy to understand value called the SkinScore. This will tell you how your skin is faring and identifies areas for improvement. It then sets a daily goal towards unlocking the youthful best of your skin. OKU gives advice on your lifestyle and diet and will recommend the right products for your current issue, or the right routine to improve your skin wellness. Much like a personal trainer, it helps you get your skin in the best shape.”


Unlike fitness trackers, you don’t need to wear OKU 24/7. You can use OKU whenever it is convenient for you.  It is compact and portable so you can take it with you.  To scan, simply hold up to your skin and press “Capture”. OKU safely scans your skin and connects to an app on your iphone so you can quickly see results, track your progress and get motivational tips easily while on the go.

Learn more about the future of wearables and how to get healthy, glowing skin at

Latest Trend: Personal Tracking Devices for Overall and Skin Health

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Latest Trend: Personal Tracking Devices for Overall and Skin Health

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