Meet OKU – world’s first personal skin coach!

You wear a device to track your steps, sleep and heart rate. What if you had something that could track your skin health and help you develop a customized anti aging regimen and motivate you to stay on track?

Meet OKU – the world’s first personal skin scanning device. Featured as one of the best new gadgets at CES 2015 by Wired magazine, you can think of it as your own personal skin care specialist, available 24/7 via your iPhone. Going beyond photo analysis, OKU is the first iPhone connected device that enables consumers to see below their skin’s surface and analyze and address their skincare concerns.

OKU is incredibly easy to use. After connecting it to your iPhone, you put the cube up to your skin and press a button. Within seconds, you will receive the analysis of your skin and recommendations for how to improve your skin care health including your problem areas.

Don’t let the ease of use fool you! OKU’s exclusive skin imaging technology has evolved from the medical field and was developed based on years of scientific research.


OKU works within the visible (and safe) light spectrum using a special light source to illuminate the skin’s layers. This visible light penetrates a few millimeters of the skin and the imager reads tissue structures like oil glands, collagen, and elastin. The technology was exclusively designed by the scientists at OKU combining 3 sciences:

  • Dermoscopy, – science used in the medical world to assess medical concerns, including moles, skin tumors, rashes, and other types of skin lesions.
  • Nanotechnology – the manipulation of matter at an atomic and molecular scale. Using a special effect that occurs with such a manipulation of visible light when it interacts with skin, we create a distinct “fingerprint” of skin structures and are able to decode this signature.
  • Spectroscopy – the study of the interaction between matter and emitted energy. We’re able to determine the skin profile by analyzing how skin structures and features like moisture, oil, glands, melanin, etc. interact with different wavelengths of visible light.


The information taken from your scan is then sent to a custom app. The app analyzes this information and gives a detailed assessment of the skin in an easy to understand measurement called a skin score.

From that initial analysis onwards it is an intimate and tight partnership. OKU acts as your personal skin coach, making recommendations for changes to your lifestyle, diet and skin care regimen. It helps you track your progress on your journey to better skin health and motivates you along the way. Just follow the advice and check back in with OKU frequently to continue to assess your progress, for motivation and new recommendations!

OKU merges high tech with friendly, personalized advice to help you see what’s underneath the surface. Learn more and begin your journey to better skin health at!




Meet OKU – world’s first personal skin coach!

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Meet OKU – world’s first personal skin coach!

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