Meet your SkinTwin through OKU

Everyone’s skin is unique, just like fingerprints. Overall skin health and appearance are affected by many factors including genetics, lifestyle, health conditions and environment, to name a few. This is why the products you read about or even those that work on your friend’s skin may not work on yours.


The concept of “SkinTwin” really simplifies this process of product discovery and ‘trial and error’ – A ‘SkinTwin’ is someone with the same skin type as you and similar lifestyle profile, and is gleaned from our unbiased skincare community of more than 40,000 members. These committed skincare enthusiasts share their reviews on products they have used and have had success with. Utilizing highly sophisticated algorithms, mySkin analyzes these reviews along with the variables affecting skin health for deeper insight on how products work on different people and tells you who your SkinTwins are.

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OKU makes the link between you and your SkinTwin, based on your SkinScore. When you use OKU, it takes the analysis of your skin and profile and then looks at the product experiences and preferences from our unbiased skincare community to identify your SkinTwin and the products that will be most effective for your skin type. We aim to cut out the guesswork for you, so you can focus your time and money on the right products for you.

Find out how OKU can help you get healthy, gorgeous skin at and pre-order an OKU today to connect with your SkinTwins and find the right products for your skin!

Meet your SkinTwin through OKU

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Meet your SkinTwin through OKU

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