OKU Availability Update

Where’s my OKU?


Many of you have been asking when OKU will be ready to ship, so we decided to share an update about where we are with OKU right now.

Since OKU is a first of its kind device, we have been taking some time to improve the functionalities and features that are absolutely critical for delivering the experience we want you to have with OKU.
We’ve been continually refining the device and are now very close to start shipping in October this year.

What have you been improving?


We are happy to share with you that we’ve been working on OKU’s unique features, like Skintwins and Skinscore.

Skintwins: The way your skin looks and reacts to products is a combination of genetics, lifestyle, diet and environmental factors. OKU matches you to people whose skin is similar to yours – your Skintwins – so you can understand and learn more about your skin through a universe of people who have similar skin and issues.

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Skinscore is a simple number that OKU provides which shows you the current state of your skin. It is a combination of factors like moisture, oil activity, firmness, pigmentation and texture, among others. You can track your Skinscore and see how external factors, such as environment, lifestyle, diet and products affect your skin over time.

What else is new?


OKU received some awesome reviews from bloggers and TV shows! Check out these posts from Chipchick , Gear Diary and the Home and Family Show and we expect some more in the weeks to come!
In the meanwhile, follow the news and updates about OKU on our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!

And finally…


Thanks for your patience, enthusiasm and support – we want you to know we don’t take that for granted. We can’t wait for OKU to get in your hands, so you can see why we’ve been improving it for so long and just how amazing it is.
Thanks again for your tremendous support!
-the OKU team

OKU Availability Update

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OKU Availability Update

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