OKU Product Recommendations – How Do They Work?

Finding the right product for your skin can be challenging. It’s a constant process of trial and error, with tons of cash spent on useless products that don’t work for you.


With product recommendations, we’re aiming at changing that.

Product recommendations are sourced from our unbiased skincare community at mySkin.com of more than 40.000 members. These skincare enthusiasts have shared their reviews on products they used and have had success with. In order to simplify it for you, OKU give you product recommendations based on these reviews along with the variables affecting skin health for deeper insight on how products work on different people.

Using sophisticated algorithms, OKU will give you personalized product recommendations after the first week of scanning, and then on 28th day, after your skin goes through a whole skin-cycle. Based on your skin measurments, you’ll get 3 products which will help you improve your skin’s health and looks, and at the same time your skinscore.

Following these recommendations you’ll know exactly which products will work for your skin and help you unlock its true potential.

Read more about OKU and pre-order here.

OKU Product Recommendations – How Do They Work?

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OKU Product Recommendations – How Do They Work?

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