OKU’s Skintwins – Who’s Your Twin and How It All Works?

Although everyone’s skin is unique like a fingerprint, there still are some similarities between skin types. Skin appearance and health is impacted by many factors, and although they are really hard to determine and link, OKU can help by doing just that.


The reason why some products work on your friend’s skin but not yours is the fact that every skin is impacted by different genetic, lifestyle, health and environment factors. OKU’s Skintwins solve this by simplifying the process of product discovery and eliminating the ’trial and error’ part of the process – as soon as you set up your OKU and start using it you will get personalized recommendations on how to solve your biggest skin concerns.

But what exactly is a Skintwin? Generally speaking, it’s someone with the same skin type as you and similar lifestyle profile. Your Skintwin could be facing the same skin care issues as you, but was more successful at solving them – that’s why everyone will benefit from a connection like this. Skintwins will get to share reviews, tips and insights mutually helping each other to healthier and more appealing skin.

Skintwins will be gleaned from our database of over 50.000 people – these committed enthusiasts tried out and reviewed products over and over again. Their reviews will help you figure out what works best for your skin type, without ever needing to waste money on products that simply won’t work for you.

Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, OKU will analyze the variables affecting your skin in different ways giving you deeper insight on which products may work well on your skin. Comparing it to the database of reviews from mySkin users with similar skin types, OKU will give out product suggestions which may just do the trick for you.


OKU will make the link between you and your Skintwin based on your Skinscore – when you use OKU, it takes the analysis of your skin and profile and then it looks at the product experiences and preferences from our unbiased skincare community to identify products that were the most effective for your Skintwins. This process cuts out the guesswork, helping you get efficient products quicker and guiding you to healthier and better looking skin faster than ever!

You can find out everything on how to get perfect skin and pre-order your device at getoku.com

OKU’s Skintwins – Who’s Your Twin and How It All Works?

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OKU’s Skintwins – Who’s Your Twin and How It All Works?

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