Ready, Set, Glow!

Whether running races or just running to the gym to take a spinning class, most people exercise to keep their health and waistlines in check. The same reasons that exercise is good for your overall health (stress relief, heart health) also make it good for your skin health. Regular exercise can help to prevent wrinkles, acne and help to improve some chronic skin conditions such as eczema. So what are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers!

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Healthy Glow

Aerobic exercise promotes healthy circulation, which supplies skin with oxygenated blood which can leave you with a post work out glow!

Wrinkle reduction

Exercise can help maintain healthy levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol can also cause the collagen in skin to break down, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. Exercise helps the fibroblasts (collagen producing cells) in skin work more effectively which helps keep skin firm, supple, and elastic.

 Acne relief

Increased levels of cortisol are also linked to increased sebum production, which can lead to more acne breakouts. So reduction in cortisol levels from exercise can help reduce acne. In addition, increased circulation from exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system. And finally, sweating cleans out the pores of congested skin (think of it as the equivalent of getting a mini-facial). If you’re acne prone, keep cleansing wipes in your gym bag and cleanse your face and other areas that tend to break out immediately after exercising.

Repairs skin damage

Exercise helps reduce body wide inflammation, regulate skin-significant hormones and prevent free-radical damage. When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants.

Eczema relief

Eczema is another skin condition that can be exacerbated by stress. By reducing stress, exercise can help improve skin with eczema. The key is to be careful – wear fabrics that wick perspiration away from the skin, since the wet-dry-wet-dry cycle will dry out your skin and provoke flare-ups.


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Ready, Set, Glow!

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Ready, Set, Glow!

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