Skincare DIY: Super moisturizing mask

If you’re as obsessed with skincare as we are, you’re probably up for trying anything that promises to lift, tighten, brighten, or take years off. With all of the powerhouse products out there, it’s easy to overlook that sometimes the perfect product is right in your refrigerator. Why buy when you can DIY?

For this week’s skincare DIY, we are inspired by the Super Bowl to bring you a super moisturizing mask made with one of our favorite superfoods – avocado.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular days in the year for avocados. Guacamole is a Super Bowl party staple along with avocado on nachos or burgers. Avocados are not only a party food, they’re a superfood rich in essential fatty acids and an all-natural source of free radical damage fighting vitamin A, E, and C. Adding avocados to your diet will help improve skin health. So go ahead and enjoy the guacamole this weekend!

Fresh avocado isolated on white background

Avocados can also benefit your skin from the outside. Many all-natural skin care lines will use avocado oil because of its moisturizing properties. It has also been found that applying avocado oil to skin can stimulate collagen and elastin production. So as you are making the guacamole, be sure to set aside ½ of one ripe avocado to use for a super moisturizing mask.


1/2 soft avocado
2 tbs hot water
1 ts honey

Preparation and Usage:

Mash the avocado with a fork. Dissolve the honey into the water and add it to the fruit. Blend well. Put it into your face, using your fingers or a special brush. Avoid the area of your eyes and mouth. Keep on for 10 minutes and wash away with warm water. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. For a spa-like experience, use a clean make-up brush that you have designated for applying masks. Take a break and put your feet up while the mask is working.

With colder air outside and dryer heated air inside, skin can become extra dry. No need to rush to a specialist- it’s time to DIY with our super moisturizing avocado mask.
Have a super weekend and let us know what you think of this mask and share your favorite skincare DIY recipe on our Facebook page!

Skincare DIY: Super moisturizing mask

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Skincare DIY: Super moisturizing mask

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