Skincare on the go – pt. 1

Traveling constantly sounds really glamorous, but logging all of those airline miles can take a toll on your skin. Whether you’re an occasional traveler or constantly on a plane, traveling for business, or going on vacation, we have some tips for what skincare to pack and habits to get into on the plane to help your skin look and feel its best while on the go!

In part 1 of this 2-part blog, we’ll discuss what you need to prepare before you fly.

It’s important to maintain your skin regimen even when on the go. The stress of getting ready for a trip, drier air in the airplane cabin, and different climates at your destination can all stress your skin leading to break-outs and flare ups of dry skin. Severely changing or foregoing your skin care regimen can seriously affect your skin health. Don’t count on using hotel products on your face or shopping when you get to your destination. Bring your products with you! This might seem daunting, but you just need to be smart about how and what you pack.

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Pack a small to-go bag of your skin care essentials.

One of the best tips we ever received was keeping a quart sized baggie of mini facial skincare products always ready vs. packing our skincare for each trip. Even if you will be away for a week you won’t need full sized products. Pack your to-go bag with sample sizes of your products from the beauty counters or create your own with travel jars and tubes the drugstore. Keeping your baggie packed in advance means one less thing to stress about the night before you are leaving. Save room in your baggie by only focusing on your facial skin care. Unless you have a skin condition that requires special body products, you can use body wash and moisturizer from the hotel. You can save additional room in your baggie by paring down your regimen to the basics – face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF, one treatment serum and only the products you’ll need based on the climate at your destination and activities planned.

Always pack your skin care baggie in your carry-on so you can access it mid-flight and maintain your regimen even if they lose your luggage! In addition to your pre-packed baggie, make sure you also pack facial wipes, lip balm and hand cream in your carry on.

Choosing products for the climate at your destination and activities planned

Most of us need to change up our regimens slightly based on the changing of the season and humidity levels. Are you going somewhere with the same climate as you are currently in or different? Make sure you bring the right products:


At the beach. Make sure you bring SPF for your face that will hold up to water, activates and sweat. Exposure to sun, salt, chlorine and extra washing of your face to remove the above can be tough on skin. This means it’s important to bring a gentle, milky cleanser that won’t strip lipids from the skin. To combat humidity, opt for your summer lotion or lightweight serum vs a heavier moisturizer.

In the mountains. Whether you are skiing or hiking at high altitude, the most important thing you can do is protect your skin from UV rays and the elements. Use a mineral sunscreen, lip balm with SPF and a healing ointment to protect skin from wind burn. Bring a gentle cleanser and at night slather on a rich, creamy moisturizer. If you use a brightener or dark-spot remover in your regimen, bring it with you. The sun is intense at altitude and causes hyper-pigmentation in a short amount of time.

In the desert. This dry climate won’t throw off your skin too badly. What’s key is staying hydrated without using heavy creams. Serums are the perfect weight in high temperatures. The key is to choose one with nourishing ingredients, like algae derivatives, hyaluronic acid, or glycerol instead of anti-aging ingredients during the day which can react poorly with the sun. Don’t forget to top it with sunscreen.

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Skincare on the go – pt. 1

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Skincare on the go – pt. 1

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