Skintributes 101: Firmness

Skintributes 101: Firmness

Firmness of the skin has a lot to do with collagen and elastin production of your skin. Naturally, when you’re younger your skin produces more collagen making your skin regenerate quicker and look firmer. Elastin is a support fiber of your skin and lack of it can lead to skin sagging and loss of firmness.


Although firmness is dependent on many different factors, have these things in mind:

  1. Sunscreen is crucial – Putting on 25 SPF or higher sunscreen is vital to maintaining the firmness of your skin. Sun damage destroys elastin and collagen making your skin lose vitality over time quicker.
  2. Firming creams can be a waste of money – most firming creams can only do so much to increase firmness. Most of the creams form a film on the surface of your skin, making your skin look and feel tighter while doing essentially nothing to increase the firmness structurally.
  3. Applying vitamin-A topically helps – retinol (Vitamin A) does wonders to improve the shape of elastin your skin still has. Applying a portion of a retinol based product every night can help a lot.
  1. Exfoliators containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid might help – Research suggests that salicylic (BHA) or glycolic (AHA) acids in products can help with stimulating collagen production. But don’t over-do it, since exfoliating your skin too often might be counterproductive.
  2. When everything else fails, consider cosmetic procedures – certain types of face-lifts can make a drastic difference if nothing else works

If all of this sounds confusing, we have good news: OKU can measure your firmness levels and recommend actions for improving them! Our algorithms measure your Skintributes and explain them in a way you can easily understand, with short explanations and pictures of your skin. But it doesn’t end there: OKU recommends lifestyle, diet and product choices for your skin’s condition, based on the results of your scans.

Before OKU, most people weren’t even in the position to identify their Skintributes and assess whether they’re good or bad with certainty. Today we can do all of these things and take action to be in charge of our skin.

If firmness levels are an issue for you, pre-order your OKU to find out more about it, meet your Skintwins and get product recommendations based on your skin!

Skintributes 101: Firmness

Skintributes 101: Moisture

Skintributes 101: Firmness

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