Skintributes 101: Moisture

Moisture is one of the crucial factors that contribute to your skin’s health and appearance.

Levels of moisture in one’s skin can change multiple times a day, since they depend a lot from various factors. Lack of moisture is referred to as dryness of the skin, medically called Xeroderma, deriving from the Greek words for “dry skin”.

Dryness moisture cracks

Dry skin is one of the most common skin-related concerns in the world, so let’s try and understand more about how to manage it. Here are the most important things to know about moisture:

  • Moisture in your skin depends on a lot of factors – especially environmental ones!
    Low temperatures combined with warm air at home during winters can cause your skin to dry. Ever felt like the wind is cutting your cheeks? That unpleasant feeling may arise due to skin being dried out really Thanks, Mother Nature.
  • Your skincare routines may not help either. Everyday rubbing of clothes against your skin as well as long, hot showers are fine as long as you undo them by hydrating. Yes, that does mean moisturizer is your best friend.
  • Moisture and oiliness are not the same thing! Moisture represents the level of hydration (a.k.a. water) in your skin, while oiliness is the result of your gland activity. We know: so confusing, right?
  • Everyone should use a moisturizer. Most people with oily skin think moisturizer isn’t necessary in their routine, which isn’t quite true. If your skin is oily, it can be dehydrated at the same time, so instead of ignoring moisturizers completely, try getting one that is not heavy and creamy. You’ll see: it can do wonders!

If all of this sounds confusing, we have good news: OKU can measure your moisture levels and recommend actions for improving them! Our algorithms measure your Skintributes and explain them in a way you can easily understand, with short explanations and pictures of your skin. But it doesn’t end there: OKU recommends lifestyle, diet and product choices for your skin’s condition, based on the results of your scans.

Before OKU, most people weren’t even in the position to identify their Skintributes and assess whether they’re good or bad with certainty. Today we can do all of these things and take action to be in charge of our skin.

If moisture levels are an issue for you, pre-order your OKU to find out more about it, meet your Skintwins and get product recommendations based on your skin!

Skintributes 101: Moisture

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Skintributes 101: Moisture

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