Skintributes 101: Oiliness

Oils produced by sebaceous glands on your skin help it appear healthier and more radiant. Although they are essential to locking moisture in, excess oil can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and acne.


Oily skin is just as common as dry skin, its counterpart on the other side of spectrum. It is a bit harder to control as it is a result of hormonal changes which are genetically determined, and it is simply not possible to affect hormons topically. If you need help in determining your skin type, check this out.

  • Use a toner or a cleanser every day – It may help in controling the level of oiliness and prevent any possible breakouts caused by clogged pores
  • Exfoliate once a week – Exfoliation helps when dealing with oily skin, since oil can increase the build-up of remaining dead skin cells which ultimately lead to breakouts
  • Absorb excess oil – If your skin gets really oily during the day, you can absorb excess oil with oil-blotting papers/sheets. It may help with preventing any breakouts and will make your skin a bit less shiny.
  • Stress less – We know this is easier said than done, but stressful situations can lead to changes in your hormonal activity which can lead to increase in sebacous gland activity making your skin oilier

If all of this sounds confusing, we have good news: OKU can measure your oiliness levels and recommend actions for improving them! Our algorithms measure your Skintributes and explain them in a way you can easily understand, with short explanations and pictures of your skin. But it doesn’t end there: OKU recommends lifestyle, diet and product choices for your skin’s condition, based on the results of your scans.

Before OKU, most people weren’t even in the position to identify their Skintributes and assess whether they’re good or bad with certainty. Today we can do all of these things and take action to be in charge of our skin.

If oiliness levels are an issue for you, pre-order your OKU to find out more about it, meet your Skintwins and get product recommendations based on your skin!

Skintributes 101: Oiliness

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Skintributes 101: Oiliness

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