Skintributes 101: Pigmentation

Uneven complexion is one of the most common concerns in the world! It can appear in different forms and for various reasons. Most commonly, when we have pigmentation issues, we’re thinking about brown patches on our face, shoulders, hands or décolletage.


Pigmentation issues can be managed and treated once you’re familiar with the basics of your specific type of concern. However, it doesn’t hurt to know some basics of pigmentation managing:

  • SPF is obligatory – Yes, we know, everyone’s telling you to use sun protection, but it’s for a good reason: sun rays are one of the most common causes of pigmentation!
  • Antioxidants are awesome – They have so many purposes, one of them being helping your skin fight pigmentation; enjoy your fruits and veggies!
  • Brightening products – There are plenty of great brightening creams you can try. These are usually used after cleansing and toning, but be sure to consult a professional about this one.
  • Go DIY – Numerous plants and herbs can play a role in helping you tackle pigmentation. Papaya, lemon, cucumber, almond, avocado – choose your favorite and fix yourself a home remedy!

If all this pigmentation info still sounds confusing, we have good news: OKU can measure your pigmentation and recommend actions for improving it! Our algorithms measure your Skintributes and explain them in a way you can easily understand.
But it doesn’t end there: OKU recommends lifestyle, diet and product choices for your skin’s condition, based on the results of your scans.

Before OKU, most people weren’t in the position to identify their Skintributes and know whether they’re good or bad. Today, we can do all of these things and take action to be in charge of our skin.

If pigmentation is a major concern for you, pre-order your OKU to find out more about it, meet your Skintwins and get product recommendations based on your skin!

Skintributes 101: Pigmentation

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Skintributes 101: Pigmentation

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