Skintributes 101: Texture

Texture of your skin is one of those skin attributes you probably think you can’t resolve without a lot of money and a couple of visits to professionals. If you like reading fashion magazines, it’s likely you feel envious of celebrities’ flawless complexions.


However, their perfect texture is usually achieved with retouching, but with OKU you can find out more about your texture, how it changes and exactly how to improve it. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Texture isn’t just how your skin feels under your fingertips. It’s also a factor in breakouts, it’s dependent on sun exposure and fine lines cause it to change.
  • Don’t overdo the washing! Cleansing is fine, but don’t do it more than twice a day and never forget to apply toner and/or moisturizer after the face washing, so your skin can replenish what it lost during the washing.
  • Consider using vitamins as supplements to your diet to keep your skin in shape!
  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly! You may not know this, but dirty brushes can cause breakouts. Make sure to wipe the tips every once in a while, since they collect dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

If all of this sounds confusing, we have good news: OKU can measure your texture levels and recommend actions for improving them! Our algorithms measure your Skintributes and explain them in a way you can easily understand, with short explanations and pictures of your skin. But it doesn’t end there: OKU recommends lifestyle, diet and product choices for your skin’s condition, based on the results of your scans.

Before OKU, most people weren’t even in the position to identify their Skintributes and assess whether they’re good or bad with certainty. Today we can do all of these things and take action to be in charge of our skin.

If texture is an issue for you, pre-order your OKU to find out more about it, meet your Skintwins and get product recommendations based on your skin!

Skintributes 101: Texture

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Skintributes 101: Texture

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