Sleep Masks ─ Fad or Must Have?

Just as in fashion, skin care has trends as well. Like the “it” color, skin care products, steps in regimens and treatments come in and out of style every season. One trend that has been around for a few seasons that we think is here to stay are sleep masks.

What is a sleep mask?

It’s an overnight face mask that you do not wash off until morning! Richer than your average night cream, a sleeping mask is designed to go on top of your evening skin treatments as the final step. Their purpose is to create a permeable seal on top of your skin that makes anything underneath it penetrate better.  The promise- your existing regimen will work better and you’ll wake up with skin that looks refreshed and dewey.

Where did trend come from?

The sleep mask trend started in South Korea, where women are seriously dedicated to their complexions.  Many follow intense skin care rituals comprised of 8-20 steps both morning and night. If you think that is way too many steps, you are not alone!  We think we’d fall asleep before getting through a whole Korean skin-pampering nighttime regimen.  But when looking at the steps, we think the sleep mask is worth incorporating into your regimen.

Why do I need it?

Sleep is when the body and skin repairs itself so getting an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep important to healthy skin since. It is also important that you make use of this precious healing period with the right products.  Fall’s changing temperatures make it necessary for most people to add more moisture.  Because sleep masks create a protective barrier on your skin, they lock in vital moisture, nutrients and active ingredients from your night time regimen while you are getting your beauty sleep.  Since sleep masks are light weight and stick to your skin, they won’t transfer to your hair or your pillowcase.  You can use them nightly in addition to your existing regimen and still do a weekly DIY facial.

What to look for?

What started as a handful of products is now a full-blown category with newer and more advanced versions launching every few weeks.   All sleep masks will add moisture, but now you can find masks that also specialize in firming or evening skin tone for an extra anti-aging punch.  There are masks on the market that have textures and natural ingredients that will remind you of a DIY facial, and there are options available for sensitive skin so you can shop based on your skin care needs or ingredient preference.

Any product that can help improve skin health and maximize our beauty sleep is worth trying in our book.  A huge trend in higher priced department store brands, we are now seeing sleep masks launch in drugstore brands making it an accessible trend for all.

Will you try a sleep mask now?  Share your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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Sleep Masks ─ Fad or Must Have?

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Sleep Masks ─ Fad or Must Have?

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