Spring into Healthy Skin!

Spring is officially here even if, in some corners of the world, the weather still feels like winter. The transition to spring can be tough on skin. Follow these tips so your skin will be ready for the warmer weather that is (hopefully) just around the corner!

Clean up your product drawer

Just as you might clean out your closet of past seasons’ clothes that no longer fit, spring is the perfect time to get rid of any skincare products you don’t use. Take the opportunity to throw out older products (once opened, most skincare products should be discarded after 12 months) and give products you have never used and don’t plan to use to friends (if unopened, most skincare products are ok for 3-5 years).

Re-evaluate your skin care regimen

Winter weather dries out skin. As the weather becomes milder, skin tends to become oilier. Most people need to change their skincare to be suitable for spring and summer weather.


Exfoliate your face and body

You may need to exfoliate your face twice per week during the transition to help clear pores of excess oil, dirt and sold skin cells. Do not over scrub or use harsh exfoliants. Exfoliating should be done all year round to keep skin on your body healthy.

However, most of us neglect our bodies during the winter. Why bother when they are covered up? Warmer weather means more skin will be exposed. Take the time now to exfoliate your body to remove dry skin, flakiness and to unclog hair follicles so your hair removal efforts will be more productive.

Change your cleanser

You should still use the mildest possible cleanser for your skin type, however, you may need to transition to a cleanser suitable for combination skin to help combat excess oil during the transition to spring.

Use A Lighter Moisturizer

To help balance skin’s naturally changing moisture level, opt for a lighter lotion instead of a cream. Look for products with hyaluronic acids and ceramides, which deliver effective moisturization without clogging and go for an oil-free formulation if you already have oily or combination skin.

Layer On SPF

You should be wearing SPF all year round, regardless of the weather. Since more skin is exposed during the warmer months, you should be extra vigilant to protect your skin from head to toe. Use a moisturizer with daily SPF and consider increasing the level of SPF you are using for spring.


Know Your Skin

Understanding your skin and what it needs is critical to keeping it healthy during a seasonal transition. OKU, your personal skin care coach helps take away the guess work by analyzing your skin below the surface, and giving you an assessment of your skin along with tips on lifestyle, diet and products to help address your concerns. Learn more and pre-order at getoku.com!

How do you change your skin care regimen during the transition to warmer weather?
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Spring into Healthy Skin!

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Spring into Healthy Skin!

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