Take Charge of Your Skin with Skinscore

Much like you, your skin is complex. Many factors drive the health of your skin and its appearance,, some that can only be analyzed below the surface at the dermal layer.  OKU is the only diagnostic device that can take a scan of your skin below the surface reading tissue structures like oil glands and give you insight to help make the best decision for great skin.


OKU takes the information and via the mobile app, analyzes all of the complex measurements to distill it into one easy measurement, called your Skinscore.

Your Skinscore is a function of three components:

  • Your skin’s readings: OKU measures over 29 surface and subsurface characteristics of the current state of your skin, initially presented via 5 basic readings: Moisture, Oil, Texture, Wrinkles, and Pigmentation levels.
  • Your Lifestyle: OKU takes into account factors such as sleep, exercise, UV exposure and stress
  • Your Diet: OKU factors in your hydration, nutrients from food, sodium and sugar intake

Skin scores range from a scale of 1-100.  The higher the number, the better you are taking care of your skin. Conversely, a low number could mean you are hurting or damaging your skin.  Based on your score, OKU will send you personalized lifestyle, diet and product recommendations to help you improve your skin health and look your youthful best.  You can check in with OKU as often as you’d like to track improvement to your skin score. As your skin becomes healthier, your personalized advice and motivation will change.

Let OKU, the personal skin care coach, lead you on your journey to beautiful skin.  Learn more and pre-order at getoku.com

Take Charge of Your Skin with Skinscore

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Take Charge of Your Skin with Skinscore

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