The benefits of facials

If healthy skin can be achieved by living a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet and following a consistent skin care regimen, do you really need to get professional facials? While professional facials can be expensive, there are many benefits to getting a facial that make it worth going at least once a year, 4 times (at the change of each season) if you can fit it within your budget.

Stress Relief

Stress can exacerbate skin issues from acne to eczema and even wrinkles. A spa or an esthetician’s office is a perfect place to take an hour to unplug from the world, put your feet up and forget what stresses you. In addition to the tranquil spa environment, a facial normally includes facial, hand and neck massage that adds to the relaxation.


Increased Circulation

Beyond just relaxing, facial massage increases circulation. The increased blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells in your face which results in a healthy glow.

Professional Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key step in supporting skin health. It helps remove layers of dead skin, open up / unclog pores and leave skin smooth. Your esthetician will use either microdermabrasion, enzymes or acids depending on your skin type and skin concerns. The professional strength treatments have been shown to deliver results in reduction in fine lines and hyperpigmentation, and improved skin texture, visible signs of photoaging as well as normal chronological aging.

Extracting Clogged Pores & Black Heads

Extracting blackheads on your own at home can be difficult and if done incorrectly can cause damage to the skin. A licensed and skilled esthetician will properly prepare the skin and then gently extract black heads and impurities without harming the skin. Note that people with darker pigmentation should be cautious with extractions. They can lead to hyperpigmentation (skin will become darker than the surrounding area), which could take a few months to go away.



Licensed estheticians have been trained to care for skin. They can help identify your skin type, help troubleshoot skin problems you’re having and offer advice on products and treatments that will work for your skin type and skin concern.

Facials shouldn’t replace everyday care with a consistent regimen, healthy lifestyle and diet, but they can be a great compliment to your routine. For at home skin analysis and consistent coaching to achieve your goals of healthy skin, check out OKU, your personal skin care coach at!

The benefits of facials

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The benefits of facials

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