The Naked Truth About Skin!

Did you know that in 1 inch of skin, you have about 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 melanocytes (the stuff that makes melanin and gives your skin its color), 1000 or more nerve endings and 19 000 000 skin cells? An average human has over 20 square feet of skin. If you do the math, that’s a whole lot stuff going on in your skin!

With such a complex organ, it’s no wonder finding the right skin care can be a daunting experience. OKU takes the guesswork out of your skin by showing you what is underneath the surface, identifying areas for improvement and areas of concern before they become problems.
You may be wondering how such a small gadget can be so smart and if it really works. It does! The secret is in OKU’s exclusive skin imaging technology. Developed based on years of scientific research, the OKU technology has evolved from the medical field.


OKU works within the visible (and safe) light spectrum using a special light source to illuminate the skin’s layers. This visible light penetrates a few millimeters of the skin and the imager reads tissue structures like oil glands, collagen, and elastin. The technology was exclusively designed by the scientists at OKU combining 3 sciences:

  • Dermoscopy – science used in the medical world to assess medical concerns, including moles, skin tumors, rashes, and other types of skin lesions.
  • Nanotechnology – the manipulation of matter at an atomic and molecular scale. Using a special effect that occurs with such a manipulation of visible light when it interacts with skin, we create a distinct “fingerprint” of skin structures and are able to decode this signature.
  • Spectroscopy – the study of the interaction between matter and emitted energy. We’re able to determine the skin profile by analyzing how skin structures and features like moisture, oil, glands, melanin, etc. interact with different wavelengths of visible light.

The information taken from your scan is then sent to a custom app. The app analyzes this information and gives a detailed assessment of the skin, shows areas for improvement, makes personalized recommendations and connects you to the most effective skincare products based on unbiased experiences of real people.

Your skin is complex, but learning what’s below its surface doesn’t have to be, with OKU there to help. Learn more and pre-order your OKU at!



The Naked Truth About Skin!

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The Naked Truth About Skin!

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