Top 10 Ways Men’s Skin Is Different From Women’s

Father’s Day is this Sunday.  You already know how special the dads in your life are. Did you to know how special and unique their skin is?


  1. Men literally have thicker skin – A man’s skin is 25% thicker then a woman’s due to testosterone
  2. Testosterone also increases the rate male skin cells turn over
  3. Men’s skin has a naturally higher collagen density, which translates into fewer wrinkles and slower aging.
  4. Men produce significantly more sebum than women after puberty. It means that guys are more prone to oily skin, breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores.
  5. Facial hair – An obvious difference, but worth noting because all of those hair follicles actually give male skin structure that helps keep face wrinkle-free.
  6. Men have larger pores than women thanks to pumping out natural oils and sprouting hair.
  7. Rougher skin – from a superficial perspective, the texture of a man’s skin is rougher then of a woman.
  8. Male skin appears to be better hydrated than women’s. Men sweat more and have more Lactic Acid, a known natural humectant for the skin, in their sweat. It could be responsible for the level of tissue hydration.
  9. Men’s skin has a lower pH. The more acidic landscape of male skin makes it a better place for bacteria to grow.  This is another reason guys suffer more breakouts and acne
  10. More then 57% of skin cancers are found in men. Guys are less inclined to take basic steps to protect their skin by wearing hats or using sun screen.  Sun damage from lack of protection could also be why many men don’t show an anti-aging advantage over their similarly aged female counterparts

Treat the dads in your life to something special this weekend for Father’s Day and remind them to treat their skin with products that are designed for their unique skin!

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Top 10 Ways Men’s Skin Is Different From Women’s

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Top 10 Ways Men’s Skin Is Different From Women’s

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