Why Use Night Creams?

Why Use Night Creams?

Know Your Sunscreen Ingredients

Do you know what ingredients make up your sunscreen? When shopping for your sunscreens look for these common ingredients to know whether their presence is good or bad, for you, your family and loved ones. Know why these ingredients are added and what is their role in sunscreens. You can also set your product preferences by filling up ‘products free of’ choices while signing up on mySkin.com to get sunscreen recommendations correct for your skin profile. Happy Summers:)

Do You Have A Coconut In Your Skincare Routine?

Do You Have A Coconut In Your Skincare Routine?

What is it about coconuts that make them so adaptable in beauty and skin care? The small molecular structure of coconut oil ensures it gets absorbed into the body easily. The fruit’s intense moisturizing properties are a perfect skin care solution for harsh, dry winters. Summer skin care benefits greatly with the humble coconut because of its cooling properties and hypoallergenic nature.

10 Power Foods For Great Skin

10 Power Foods For Great Skin

Show me one person who doesn’t want a healthy, glowing skin. All of us are in the quest for healthy, blemish free and definitely, younger looking skin. While you might have a favorite miracle cream or beauty treatment the real secret to how the skin looks begins from the inside. What you eat determines your skin health since it is the nutrients contained in the foods that render the softness, suppleness and healthy glow to your skin.

Do The New FDA Regulations On Sunscreens Impact Product buys?

The FDA recognizes the need to help consumers in understanding sunscreens better and has come up with new directives for sunscreen manufacturers to sell their products. Here is a sharp look at what these regulations are to help you make your sunscreen buys easier.

How Is Sleep Good For Your Skin?

With lives that are overfull with activities there are a microscopic few who actually manage to get the required hours of Z’s. Groggy morning eyes have changed the expression- ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ to ‘Late to bed and very early to rise’! But while we skimp on our sleep do we really understand the implications it has on our skin health?

Are You Independent With Your Skincare Choices?

We are so very conscious about everything around us, then why do we not make informed and independent skincare decisions? Why is it that we often get fooled by the pretty looking lady or the delicious looking dude enticing us to buy a particular product? Is it because our personal independence has jaded us? Or is it because trusting that pretty face is an easier, enticing and convenient option?

Fats Are Good For Your Skin!

There are good fats and bad fats- the good ones are those which are unsaturated, are free from trans fats, contain essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and come from natural sources. Pure coconut oil, avocados, oily fish, flax and hemp oil, canola oil, fats from nuts and seeds are all foods with good fats, great for your skin. Here is how you can eat your way to a smooth and nourished complexion and give your skin the lift it needs.

Top 5 Tips To Healthy Nails

Top 5 Tips To Healthy Nails

Have you ever felt the sadness of a broken nail? I noticed that my nails were prone to breaking and chipping ever so often that a perfect French manicure became a distant dream-broken chipped nails are considered sacrilegious in the land of manicures…The color and nail texture are the parameters that decide the health of your nails.

Your Chances Of Getting Toasted!

Do you have a loving, lap-py relationship with your laptop- always keeping you warm? You and I are perfect candidates to get toasted!

4 Simple Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For!

Cleanse, Shave, Tone, Moisturize- 4 simple tips your skin will thank you for!

Itchy Skin In The Summer?

Medically an itch, called ‘pruritus’, is a skin irritation that urges you to scratch that area. It can be a localized irritation or can be generalized occurring all over the body. During the hot months itchiness is common due to the heat and presence of allergens in the air. Prickly heat, Sunburns, Dryness, and Skin Sensitivity are your common ‘itch-providers’.

5 DIY Sunburn Remedies

Do you think an unprotected hour in the sun would impact my skin? Sadly, it does- I ended up with sizzling sun burnt skin and was left resembling a grilled lobster. We know the havoc sun exposure plays- prolonged sun exposure puts us at the risk of skin cancer too. With all our knowledge of sunscreens and sun blocks, as humans 🙂 we do go wrong sometimes ending up looking red and sun-blotchy.

Sun Block And Sunscreen – Differentiated!

Do you think that planning a summer outing by the beach only consisted of packing the right clothes? It is essential that you get the right sun protection too. So is sun block going to be your choice or will it be a sunscreen?

Are You A Flower Child?

Flowers for your skin! Rose- the perfect toner and moisturizer; Lavender- the relaxer and soother; Lotus- the healer and hydrator. Have you used floral based skin care products? Write in and let us know of your experience.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen?

Do you find buying a sunscreen overwhelming? Every time I walk down the cosmetic aisle I’m bombarded with innumerable sunscreen options; SPF this, UVA that, UVB this, water proof, water resistant, cream, lotion, spray on, SPF powders and air brush sunscreens. In my confusion, I end up with something that I don’t really need or something that doesn’t work.

What Is UVA And UVB?

What Is UVA And UVB?

I was in for a ‘sun scare’ when research told me that I had to be protected from the UVA and the UVB rays of the sun to prevent dark spots, accelerated aging, wrinkles, fine lines, lack luster skin and even the more serious skin cancer.

5 Ways To Remove Facial Hair

5 Ways To Remove Facial Hair

Should I reach out to my Tweezers or is it a better idea to wax? How about using a razor? Find answers to these facial hair removal questions.

3 Skin Infections From Your Pet

Having a pet is a hugely fulfilling feeling. Be it a furry friend or a gold fish swimming in a bowl, it warms up your heart for sure. But did you ever realize that your loving pet could be exposing you to a host of germs and bacteria that are reason to your skin concerns?

Skin Care Secrets For Beauty And Glow

The pursuit of beauty is a path that has many twists and turns. It is incredible to know of the skin care obsession across the globe. This time around, I’m penning down some funny but interesting skin care rituals from across the globe.

Shea Butter To Softer Skin

100% natural African Shea butter has a smooth soft texture. When fresh it has a tinge of light grey to yellow colour with a natural aroma that reduces with time. Although it becomes harder with age, it never loses it sheen.