DIY Always- Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Day is all about love, connections, fruitful relationships and everlasting friendships:) With these pleasant feelings in my heart, I'd like to share and thank some of my friends who have made a difference in my perception of beauty, taught me few things about inner beauty making me feel confident in my skin:)

Want Your Skin Glowing For Valentine’s Day?

Want your skin to glow for Valentine’s Day? You still have two days left to get your skin looking its best for the Cupid’s Day! Here are some of Dr. Agnes’ quick tips on DIY treatments designed to provide you with instant results especially good for troubled, acne prone skin.

Look Charming And Wonderful This Valentines

Valentine’s Day is round the bend - just 5 days away! It’s time to get prepping. Here is a page we decided to put together to help you look your best this V-Day. Charm your wonderful self and set hearts on fire :)

8 Style Tips For New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is back…and how!!! In arguably one of the most covered and sought after fashion events in New York, this fashion week is every fashion-istas dream. As we get ready to take a magnifying look into the fashion glass here are 8 Style Tips to help you rock the week with aplomb and confidence:)

5 Beauty Tips For Super Bowl Sunday

Yes! The Giants and Patriots kick off at 6.29 pm today ( Sunday 2/5 ) for one of the biggest win in American football - the XLVI Super Bowl final! Woot! I'm going to have the time of my life cheering, drinking, savoring potato chips and enjoying the biggest party till I am drop dead tired...all very bad for my skin. To top it, on Monday I don't want to look like a raccoon, belch like a pig and have a severe hangover! Here are 5 Super Bowl Beauty Tips to look skin healthy and glowing the day after.

Beauty And Beyonce- A look Into Celebrity Beyonce’s Beauty Routine

Grammy winner, accomplished actress, red carpet favorite, celebrity wife, new mother, perfume brand powerhouse…Beyonce sure does don a number of avatars with effortless ease. Be it her smashing red carpet look on ice pick heels or a wash and wear look, Beyonce looks gorgeous all the time! Wanna know her skin care secrets to help you get skin-licious gorgeous?

mySkin Talking To Charmaine- Host Of Popular Video Beauty Blog Glamology

It always feels great to meet 'that special someone' who is driven by unbound energy, creativity and passion in educating people about ingredients present in beauty products telling us the 'good' and 'bad' of this massive and many a times mind boggling cosmetic world. I felt like I'd met a friendly 'skin-encyclopedia' after talking to Charmaine Cianciullo, the host of the fabulous video beauty blog, Glamology.

Three Week Program Until Valentines To Look Great !

Somehow, the most romantic day in the year can also be the most stressful. Oh! The effort to look like a dream can definitely not be an easy task. This year, however, give mySkin’s three week program a shot and end up looking like the goddess that you truly are!