Gearing Up For The Spa And Beauty Show In NYC!

We at mySkin are bursting with excitement, anticipation and joy! We are looking forward to having a great time at the #IECSC ( International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference), New York and enjoying all things makeup and hair at the co-located #IBSNY ( International Beauty Show, New York). These Spa and Beauty Shows begin from Sunday, April 22nd and will revel us till Tuesday, April 24th. at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City. This ought to be a beauty-licious weekend for me!
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Love These Honey Masks And Bid Adieu To Acne

Enter Honey! Honey is a strong anti- bacterial agent and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a high potassium content that doesn't allow acne bacteria to grow. Antioxidants present in honey give you clear, glowing skin. Honey is an occlusive hydrator- it pulls in moisture and retains it in your skin. Wow! this golden, sunny, sticky liquid has oodles of skin goodness :)

5 Stress Not Events! Enjoy Younger Looking Skin

Stress, Worries and Anxiety keep your body tense, make you irritable, you lose your capability to think right and you age faster! When stressed your skin is constantly starved of both blood and oxygen, making it look dull, lifeless, lackluster and tired. Guys n' Dolls, we need to shun all these negative 'mind- body' combinations and move on to being happy, positive and stress- free! Here are 5 undue stressors you should not worry about:

5 Natural Remedies To Treat Acne

You want to look your best for prom! The key to looking great with your date is having clear facial skin devoid of blemishes, breakouts, zits, pimples and blackheads. Here guest Blogger, Kara Taylor shares five natural home remedies to help prevent and treat acne.

The Megamillion Winner Is On mySkin!

Its Jackpot time! The place for you to be NOW is mySkin where you can treat your skin like a megamillionaire! At the end of the day, your skin matters the most. You need to keep your skin healthy, treat it like a winner, pamper it with TLC, listen to it and give your skin some ‘ME’ time. All this skin-care will help you to enjoy a healthy life with all the big bucks you’ve made :) This pampering makes you look younger :) –Jeez, is there anyone in the house who doesn’t want to?

3 Shaving Tips For Bikini Season

Many women include shaving as part of their daily or weekly routine in order to have smooth skin. However, there are several unfortunate side effects that can come about as a result of shaving, including dry or uneven skin. In order to keep your skin looking attractive and healthy without sacrificing the ease and convenience of shaving, implement these 3 shaving tools that help to maintain healthy skin
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Make Antioxidants Your Best Friend

The public enemy number one when it comes to aging is – free radicals. Our bodies create them naturally, particularly when exposed to sunlight or when we are stressed. Excessive exercise also sets off an avalanche of free radical production, due to increased intake of oxygen.

Celebrity Skincare- Get A Reese Witherspoon Makeover!

What is it that makes Reese Witherspoon look not a day over 16? The Legally Blonde star is modest enough to give credit for her gorgeous baby skin to great genes. But we all know that there is more to looking good! Reese Witherspoon is a mother of two, a style diva, beauty ambassador, supporter of many charities and an Oscar winner. To top it all, she is a hands on mom who unlike other celebrities doesn't depend on a nanny! So how does she manage to look so great?

Guest Post: 10 Anti-Aging Foods To Look Younger!

An at-home mask is often just what you need to pamper yourself after a long day at work or just as a regular part of your skin regimen. Homemade masks using natural ingredients are always more pure and less expensive than any store-bought brand, and many of them can be made with ingredients you probably already have in your fridge. Just make sure to use only organic products for your masks, to avoid coating your skin in unwanted hormones or pesticides. Read on for the ten best anti-aging foods that can sit on your face...