What Is An Organic Skincare Product?

How organic are you in your skin care choices and how do you make those choices? Write in on our Facebook page at, twitter at or in the comments below:)

Hurricane Skincare

Groceries- Check! Water- Check! I'm sure we are taking care and stocking up with Hurricane Irene swirling and building up all across the East coast. With us being in-bound for 3 to 4 days, it’s a good time to invest in at- home skincare and alleviate the ‘hurricane stress ’. Face The Eye Of The Storm With Precautions- Stay Safe!
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Reader Q & A On Keratosis Pelaris

I was asked on Facebook, " Can you help me with my son's white, rough bumps on the arms and shoulders. I've tried everything to get rid of them but to no avail. Help!!". This mother's cry for help hit me hard making me write this post on Keratosis Pelaris. I wanted to reach out to more who find Keratosis Pelaris real annoying to live with. After all, 4 out of every 10 adults are diagnosed with this skin condition.
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6 Back To School Skincare Tips

It’s the time - bags get packed and you gear up for a new school session. There are numerous things on your ‘to do’ list… shopping for the right school clothes, getting your dorm room essentials, organizing books, all to be done in time. But are you skin ready to hit school ? Here are 6 useful skin care tips that will get your skin glowing...
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Know Your Moisturizer- Part II

Moisturizers have become so very important in our lives today that they don’t seem like beauty products any more-- they’re more like health products, one which protect our skin health. In Part I of this creamy series, we talked of 5 key ingredients found in moisturizers. Here ( in Part II) are 5 more that find their place in your favorite moisturizer tub...
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Know Your Moisturizer- Part I

I can’t live without it-Period! Moisturizers have become so very important in our lives today that they don’t seem like beauty products any more-- they’re more like health products, one which protect our skin health. But, do we know what goes inside that whipped cream or lotion, making our moisturizers indispensable? Here are five key ingredients present in our hydrating products...
Skin Routines

101 On Skincare Routines

When I chanced upon mySkin, I was delighted to see a dedicated feature on skin care routines. This is the place where many like me come to talk and solve their skin care questions and maintain a skin care regimen diary. Not only can you create your own routine you can browse through skin care routines created by many others. You’ll meet and know what your SkinTwin™ is using - what works for your twin usually works for you.
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Ava My Skin Concierge

mySkin Talking To Ava- Founder Of My Skin Concierge

Interview: Think Spas and one transcends to exotic and luxurious beauty treatments, refreshing relaxation, aromatherapy oils, music and candles! I was real excited to meet a spa-licious person, Ava, founder of My Skin Concierge to talk on skincare, beauty and the ultimate spa experience- doesn't hurt to leverage beauty advice from a spa n' travel expert like her:)
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Guest Post: 5 Acne Remedies That Cost Less Than $5!

mySkin is real excited to share Steven's (our guest blogger today!) blog post on 5 acne remedies that work and cost under $5 a piece. Steven Barker has a Bachelors Degree in nutritional sciences and talks on topics like acne and skin care. He lives in Southern California and loves to surf!
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Consumer Watch- What’s A Drug Store Brand?

Sometimes I just cannot decide if I want to run down to the drugstore and pick up a skin care product off the shelf or look for a professional or salon exclusive product. I know there are a lot of women like me who wonder if there really is a difference in these two skin care product lines…after all the beauty industry does rake in millions from our money! It was time to put on my ‘skin cop’ hat.