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Consumer Watch- What’s A Drug Store Brand?

Sometimes I just cannot decide if I want to run down to the drugstore and pick up a skin care product off the shelf or look for a professional or salon exclusive product. I know there are a lot of women like me who wonder if there really is a difference in these two skin care product lines…after all the beauty industry does rake in millions from our money! It was time to put on my ‘skin cop’ hat.

Avocados For Soft, Supple, Caressable Skin!

We all want the best for our skin:) At my friend's place the other day, I saw her mom, who I must say looks ravishing for her age, cutting up a fruit and making a mask out of it- a beauty product right in the kitchen! Curious, I went to see the remnants of the product used- to my surprise they were avocados. Sipping green tea she told me more about this beauty-licious fruit...
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Don’t Lose Your Skin With The Market Drop!

For a beauty consumer it’s extremely difficult to shell out the dollars for pricey creams and new- age products. But, there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud. We don’t need to lose skin with the markets in turmoil- it’s a long term investment that we need to continue with for ourselves. How can I have a beauty-ful attitude even now, you ask? Follow these 3 steps to be skin-positive with the market drop:
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5 Reasons To Change Your Skincare Routine

Change is the new constant! Isn’t it? Most of us make a skincare routine change when we get tempted by the latest invention, we find our friends talking about a certain Holy Grail product, we get enticed by pretty faces in magazines or TV commercials or we just like the shape, color, feel of a new product. Pretty bottles and temptation aside, do we really need to make a skincare shift? The answer is yes!
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Guest Post- Are Your Beauty Products Breeding Bacteria?

Guest Post- Today's guest post is by Patricia Walling, a blogger for She self-identifies herself as a perpetual student of medicine, and can be found most of the time researching anything related to the field. She lives in Washington and is currently enjoying the rare summer sun.

7 Tips To A Great Décolletage

For my big reunion this year I promised myself that I would get into that attention grabbing outfit lying in the dark recess of my wardrobe. On trying it on I realized that while the outfit looked great it was not creating the impact that I was looking for because of my décolletage! Here are 7 effective ways to get a sexy bust...
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Do You Have Butt Acne?

Are you serious? Acne on my behind! Butt acne has been a bane for many people as not only is it embarrassing, it’s quite painful too. Why then, does one get zitty- butts when the rear is not exposed to dirt, smoke and pollution?

5 Tips To Sensuous Eyelashes

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyelashes the perfect window dressing! Wouldn't you feel blessed if you were gifted with naturally long, dark, well defined and beautiful lashes? With the varied cosmetic enhancements we use to keep our lashes beautiful, we need to take care of their health too. Here are 5 quick tips to having long, sensuous and healthy eyelashes...
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Should I Use A Serum In My Skincare Routine?

Do I use a skin serum or not? The conflict lies in deciding if you really need a skin serum or not. The best thing to do is assess your skin’s needs and consult a dermatologist before you make a skin care shift. If your skin is mature or is displaying signs of premature aging, is too oily or too dry then adding a skin serum to your routine is a good idea. You can also begin using a skin serum to delay the signs of aging especially if you are exposed to a lot of sun, pollution and other environmental agents such as smoke and dust.
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Know Your Sunscreen Ingredients

Do you know what ingredients make up your sunscreen? When shopping for your sunscreens look for these common ingredients to know whether their presence is good or bad, for you, your family and loved ones. Know why these ingredients are added and what is their role in sunscreens. You can also set your product preferences by filling up 'products free of' choices while signing up on to get sunscreen recommendations correct for your skin profile. Happy Summers:)