Eat Your Antioxidants With Pomegranates

To invigorate your skin, to liven it up after a sluggish winter, to add color to your skincare repertoire let’s talk about the antioxidant super food- pomegranate. The luscious pomegranate has three times as many antioxidants as red wine and green tea.

3 Beauty Secrets From Japan

Do you want to know of 3 skin care secrets from the Land of the Rising Sun? The exotic Far East has been covered with enigmatic mysticism. I have often wondered if their great skin comes from the strictness with which people from Japan follow the routine of their everyday life. But great genes and mysticism aside they do have some great skin care strategies to look good.

Dermatologist Recommended Tips To Avoid Dry Skin In The Winter

As a dermatologist, the biggest complaint that I receive during the winter months from my patients has to do with their dry skin conditions. To keep your skin from drying out and itching during the coldness, there are simple steps that I strongly suggest to many of my patients.

Are You Ready For Spring? 3 Cosmetic Options For Masking Varicose Veins

Every person wants to know is how to fix varicose veins, or at the very least how to disguise them. Most people are realistic enough to know that it is unlikely that anyone is going to be able to make their legs look like they did when they were 20. On the other hand, most people aspire to be able to wear shorts, knee length skirts and swimming costumes without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.