Are You A Flower Child?

Flowers for your skin! Rose- the perfect toner and moisturizer; Lavender- the relaxer and soother; Lotus- the healer and hydrator. Have you used floral based skin care products? Write in and let us know of your experience.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen?

Do you find buying a sunscreen overwhelming? Every time I walk down the cosmetic aisle I’m bombarded with innumerable sunscreen options; SPF this, UVA that, UVB this, water proof, water resistant, cream, lotion, spray on, SPF powders and air brush sunscreens. In my confusion, I end up with something that I don’t really need or something that doesn’t work.
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Top 5 Wellness Musts for Mothers

Here are the 5 Musts to improve your wellness quotient- Give a thought to nutrition, Visit a dermatologist, Get a medical examination done, Don't skip the exercise and Manage your stress.

10 Quick Fixes For Moms

When you are a mom you are always on the go. With ever increasing pressures and demands we are hardly left with any time for ourselves. Juggling work commitments, running after children and catering to the million demands of a busy household makes sure that we become marathon runners against time. In all this madness what suffers most is our skin! Here are 10 quick fixes for mommy’s skin woes.
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3 Homemade Facials For Mom

Mother’s day is round the bend and I’m getting the spa at home this Sunday; the best remedies for almost all skin woes can be found right at home by raiding the kitchen larder and cabinets! Here are 3 awesome facial masks that will make your mum feel cherished and special.
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Skin Care Treats for Your Mother!

For my mother! A goodie bag packed with her favorite beauty products, a visit to the dermatologist and indulging in an exotic facial at a spa! Happy Mom's Day:)
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10 Anti Aging Ingredients In Skincare Products

The outside palette, your skin is important here. I'm pretty certain that we all love our skin and will never stop learning on how to look after it. This led me in writing about these great ingredients which when present in our skincare products delay the signs of aging aka crows feet, fine lines, dark spots, cellulite and wrinkles.
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What Is UVA And UVB?

I was in for a ‘sun scare’ when research told me that I had to be protected from the UVA and the UVB rays of the sun to prevent dark spots, accelerated aging, wrinkles, fine lines, lack luster skin and even the more serious skin cancer.

The Beauty Party NYC

Its purpose was to ‘empower, educate and celebrate’ professionals, students and others about the beauty, skin care and technology industries. Authors, green beauty experts, project consultants, empowerment coaches, bloggers, innovators in technology and artists with start up and small ventures engaged in thirty to sixty minute workshops.
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