Top 10 Beauty Tips For Spring

Spring it is! It’s time to shed off those winter doldrums and prepare to bare some skin and get some sun. The sun, the bare skin, the beach holidays, the cross country walks also mean it’s time to prevent the negative effects the warm months will have on our skin. Here are the top ten things you need to do today so your skin is ready to strut its stuff as soon as the warm weather allows. This post is by our guest blogger, Angelita!

Top 3 Beauty Tips – Women’s Day Special!

Cheers to ALL Women across the globe! Happy Women's day :) Today is the day we celebrate being special, wonderful, charming, and just being ourselves! With all these positive manifestations, how about listening to some wonderful ladies from my twitter-verse who share their top 3 beauty tips to be beautiful and charming?

4 Skin Prep Tips For Spring

Spring is almost here and who does not like the idea of finally getting out of winter cloths. As you look forward to spring and its beauty, remember to spring clean your body and pay attention to your skin. This is the perfect time for you to revitalize and rejuvenate your winter skin making it supple and smooth. Here are 4 simple ways to prep yourself- from sloughing off the dead winter cells and feeding your skin with good moisturizers.

3 DIY Blackhead Removing Tips

Blackheads come up when skin pores get clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt. It’s time to draw the battle lines and fight them off with these 3 DIY home tips...

Its Leap Day! 24 Hours Extra To A Beautiful You

Its Leap day! We have been bestowed with 24 extra hours this year- Yippee! For a wife cum mother cum entrepreneur cum beauty-ista aka me every extra minute on the clock is a boon:) How about using this added time at hand to pamper thyself, feel beautiful and revel in just being you?

Oscars 2012- 5 Skin Celebs On The Red Carpet

When it comes to cinema, the day we all look forward to is The Oscars! This gold figurine at 84 is testament to the great moments of the silver screen; exposing each one of us to the fun, excitement and romance of going to the movies:). With the award its the inevitable red carpet that is most discussed and scrutinized, holding a critical flavor that either puts a celebrity up on a pedestal or thud on the ground for their style, their dresses, their makeup and more. We at mySkin are playing critics, sharing a list of 5 celebs who shone on the Red Carpet for their glowing skin and healthy skin palette- after all, ones makeup looks gorgeous when one's skin is in perfect condition.
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Guest Post: Beauty Tips For The Gluten Intolerant

Women without make up- its really difficult to imagine! Indeed there maybe cases where individuals are not able to wear makeup due to one or the other reason. The reasons may vary from sensitivity of the skin to disorders like Celiac. It’s not the end of the world for women who can’t wear the routine makeup that is lined up in the corner shops or in the supermarkets. There is always an alternative.

Top 2 Skin Rocking Celebrities At The Grammys

The 54th Grammys were all about creating musical history, remembering musical greats, reverberating musical performances and last but not the least, the industry celebrities that walked the red carpet with color, aplomb, style and fabulosity! Amongst these beauties, we at mySkin have crowned two lovely songstresses with a ‘Skinlicious’ tiara for flawless, glowing, beautiful skin- Ta Da!! After all, for the makeup to look uber cool, it’s the palette, your skin that makes all the difference:)
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DIY Always- Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Day is all about love, connections, fruitful relationships and everlasting friendships:) With these pleasant feelings in my heart, I'd like to share and thank some of my friends who have made a difference in my perception of beauty, taught me few things about inner beauty making me feel confident in my skin:)