Take Charge of Your Skin with Skinscore

Much like you, your skin is complex. Many factors drive the health of your skin and its appearance,, some that can only be analyzed below the surface at the dermal layer. OKU is the only diagnostic device that can take a scan of your skin below the surface reading tissue structures like oil glands and give you insight to help make the best decision for great skin.
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GUEST POST: Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Since ages women have been battling the most arduous task of evolution - Hair Removal! It is indeed a serious chore, a toil they need to undertake in most of their lifetime. With time nothing really changed for women. It is just that the hair removal methods evolved and became better, but not without a hefty price tag.
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How To Get Started with Exercise

It has been well documented that exercise can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease, as well as reduce the effects of obesity, arthritis and depression. Also, it's well known that exercise can help keep skin looking young and may even help to reverse the signs of aging.
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Are Juice Cleanses Good for Skin?

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying your summer and last weekend’s Fourth of July holiday. Maybe you’ve been enjoying too much- overindulging in unhealthy foods, desserts and are starting to see the effects on how you are feeling and how your skin looks. Many people swear by juice cleanses as a way to help you detox, reset your diet and get back on track. Is there truth in this and do juice cleanses have any effect on your skin?
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Sunburn Art: One Trend you Should NOT Try

There is a dangerous new practice trending on social media called “sunburn art” or “tan tattoo”. People are creating body art by selectively using sunblock to create designs on their skin and allowing the rest […]
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How to Fade Acne Scars

Acne is stressful enough to handle on its own, but dealing with the aftermath of scars can put anyone over the edge. You may be frustrated with slow results from treatment, but you may not be treating the problem correctly. That is because there isn’t just one type of scar - there are acne scars and then there is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Read on to discover the differences between scars and marks and the best treatments for each.
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Healthy Recipes with Patriotic Flair

Celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow with a table full of dishes that proudly display the red, white and blue (and support skin health!). Photo source Check out our Pinterest board of our favorites. No […]
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GUEST POST: What role does race play in plastic surgery?

Many women choose plastic surgery because they want to defy the aging process. Some want their self-esteem back while others just want to look like Barbie dolls and make an impression. The problem with plastic […]
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GUEST POST: How to Effectively Overcome Obesity

Today, obesity is a big problem in our society and major increases in obesity have been noted in the last two decades. People of all age groups suffer from this problem. Obesity can be a […]
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