Infographic: Find Your True Skin Tone

Warm, cool, green, blue- Do you know your skin tone? Wondering which foundation shade with brighten up your face? Are you looking quite yellow with your current foundation shade? Establishing just what skin tone you are is the first step in finding the right colors for you to wear. Read on.

Healthy Foods To Keep You Warm And Comfy

There is nothing like a good piping hot plate of food to keep Jack Frost shut in the box. As the body’s natural temperature drops in the winter, your body needs to keep warm from the outside as well from the inside. The only way for the body to generate heat is from the energy released from food that we eat. While the central heating systems of the house keeps your surroundings cozy, consuming naturally warming foods will keep the body warm from the inside.

Vitamin D Foods To Look Younger

The body requires a daily dose of 600 IU ( International units) Vitamin D that you get through daily sun exposure and intake of natural foods. In clammy, cold, non sunny conditions, how do you supplement your diet with Vitamin D? Look into your kitchen larder!

2013 Beauty Innovations We Love

Another year has gone by and it has given skincare-lovers more reasons to love their skin. With scientific technology and skincare fusing to innovate- creams, cleansers, makeup and skincare gadgets ruled the scene in 2013. Let's take a trip down the skincare innovation year that was!

5 Beauty Trends That Rocked In 2013

It has been a beauty-li-cious 2013! While you have been busy pampering your skin, beauty has seen some amazing trends in skincare, spa treatments, hair, nails and makeup in 2013. Some you may have caught up on and some you will surely love to follow. Read on.

5 “Look Good” Party Tips

Two days to go! Two days for the countdown to usher in 2014! It's about time you got into the party prepping mode. Here are five quick tips to look good while you paint the town RED this year.

DIY Beauty Gifts For The Festive Season

Tired of gifting the same old perfume, home décor, chocolate, jewellery, crockery options? Deciding on a last minute gift for your loved ones? How about doing something different and adding a personal touch? Gift your loved ones the promise of beautiful, healthy skin with these DIY beauty gifts this festive season.

Skin Loving Christmas Spread For You

What we eat is what we are! So while you plan on making that lavish Christmas dinner special, why not give it a skin friendly twist too! Here are three great recipes that are sure to wow all – giving them glowing skin all through the holiday season!

Are Your Lips Mistletoe Ready?

While you’re checking out that cutie crush of yours from the corner of your eye, here are a few great tips to keep your lips feeling soft and kissable!