GUEST INFOGRAPHIC: Get the Right Nutrients for Healthy Hair

If you are ready to have healthier and flowing hair, you need to start by looking at your diet. Your hair requires a diverse array of nutrients so that it has the strength and resilience necessary to grow and be healthy. These nutrients should come from the foods that you eat as often as possible so that your body properly processes them.

An Apple a Day Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and long gone are the sweet berries, peaches and plums of summer. Fall is in full swing and we are excited because it means apples are in season! You know the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?
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GUEST BLOG: Facial Treatments without the Expense and Risk of Surgery

As you age there will be additional wrinkles and crease lines. Some of these are connected with laughing, whilst some are because you have been frowning or worrying too much. As you age the skin loses its elasticity and is unable to spring back to its original shape as easily. There are now many products available on the market which can have the same effect on your skin without the need for surgery.
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DIY Your Way Into Fall

Today we celebrate the autumnal equinox, the official first day of fall. It’s one of the two days out of the year that the night and the day are equal in length, signifying that the balance between light and dark is shifting. With days becoming shorter, historically, the autumnal equinox has also been a time to reflect on the season’s harvest and to prepare for the long winter ahead.
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Your Dermis is Showing

How well do you know your dermis? As the middle layer of your skin, you can’t actually see it, but that doesn't make it any less important than the skin’s visible outmost layer, the epidermis.
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The Scientists Behind OKU

OKU may seem small and simple, but the technology behind it is anything but. Created after years of research by OKU’s highly qualified team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nanotechnologists, scientists and engineers, OKU’s technology is based on the triple sciences of dermoscopy, nanotechnology and spectroscopy.
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