Balancing Act: Is pH Important?

Why is pH important? Many skincare brands throw around the phrase ‘pH-balanced’ as a marketing tool without actually explaining what role pH levels play in achieving healthy skin. Allow us to clear things up.
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Digestive Reboot: 5 Tips For a Post Thanksgiving Detox

Some people (not you, obviously) tend to overdo it on Thanksgiving. If you get visions of gravy-soaked pecan pie every time you close your eyes, you may be in need of a post-holiday detox. Nothing major, just a quick cleaning of your insides to help you kick off any leftover sluggishness and plunge into December, fresh faced and full of energy. Here are three sample meals that are delicious, cleansing and perfect for either a 1-day detox or stretched out and repeated for longer programs.
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GUEST BLOG: Top 4 Anti-Aging Technologies out of Science Fiction

For as long as anyone can remember, the race to look younger and younger as we age has been an everyday part of modern society. From near infinite brands of makeup and fillers to complicated and drastic plastic surgery procedures, the way this race has been run has also changed on a seemingly daily basis. Truly, corporations are always touting a new way to turn back the clock, and many of us rush out the door, always willing to try the latest and greatest.

5 Tips To Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

Having a healthy Thanksgiving is easier said than done. Or is it? Here are five easy, low-maintenance ways to stay on the right side of things this Thursday.
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GUEST BLOG: Developing a Skin Routine – Self-checks, Creams and Water

When it comes to skin, we are all aware that it is an important part of our body. But a lot of us are having trouble keeping tabs on our skin health. Because we are busy, or simply don’t know what to do. We try to fix both issues with this article, as we give you some tips on creating your own skin routine that will make it easy enough to keep your skin in an healthy condition.

4 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Featuring Fall Superfoods

There’s no getting around it: Thanksgiving is a food-centric holiday. Diets and best intentions are often abandoned whilst feasters over-indulge and emerge bloated and lethargic (not to mention dehydrated). This need not be the case. Many traditional Thanksgiving dishes call for hearty fall superfoods that don’t need to be violated with fatty additives and over-processing.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Dry Brushing

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the main organs responsible for detoxification (surprised?). The body actually releases one third of its toxins through the skin, so you can imagine how important it is to take good care of your dermis, making sure pores are regularly unclogged and dead skin cells sloughed off.
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