Oily Skin: The Precursor to Acne That You Can Stop in 6 Simple Ways

it should be noted that we all have—and need—skin oil (also called sebum). Sebum is necessary for healthy skin. Too little of it and our skin because dry, too much of it and our skin gets too oily. Unfortunately, each of these scenarios can lead to acne. Dry, flaky skin can mix with oil, dirt and bacteria and clog our pores, creating inflammation in the form of acne. Too much oil can lead to clogged pores, in which dead skin, bacteria and more oil can accumulate and, you guessed it, cause acne. The best way to prevent acne is to get oily skin under control.

What’s Your Skin Health? Moisture And Oil Measurements Of Your Skin

In my earlier SkinCurve article, we talked about how moisture changes in your skin during a typical day. While measuring a single characteristic, like moisture, may be insightful, you need to measure a whole profile to best know what’s happening with your skin. If you don’t, it’s like reading your blood pressure but instead of getting 120/80, you only get the systolic number (120)—it can be very misleading. Let’s look at two of the important skin measures, oil and moisture.

The Oddest Skincare Products That Work

When it comes down to going that extra mile to take care of your skin, how far can you go? Do you have your quirks to skin care or certain secret ingredients up your sleeve? Are you brave enough to try unusual therapies and odd products? Here are mySkin's choice of quirky products and treatments that work.
demi lovato

Celebrity Series- Demi Lovato Does What To Her Skin!

She’s in the limelight for all the right reasons! She’s pretty, she’s young and she’s got a great fan following- not just for her role in X Factor, but also for being spotted in trendy styles and flawless skin – with or without make-up! She’s Demi Lovato!

Your Beauty Products Spread Cheer

Today is Human Rights Day- a day we rededicate our efforts to equality, peace and a better tomorrow for the human race across caste, creed and geography. Beauty companies are focusing on spreading health, wellness, happiness and education amongst the less fortunate. Their initiatives help women, men and children hope for a healthy, safe and happy future. So, I ask, “Where do you stand?” How are you making a difference in another human being's life– even if it is a tad bit?

What’s Your SkinCurve? Moisture Changes In Your Skin During The Day

Measuring your skin health is essential to truly achieving your best skin. Just like measuring your blood pressure before seeing a doctor, or reading an eye chart before getting glasses, your skin health is an essential indicator of knowing what to use and do for your skin. Moisture, one of the most essential components of maintaining good skin health and essential skin functions, changes over the course of a day based on your environment and lifestyle.

5 Bad Foods For Your Skin

“Women woes” often equate skin concerns. Your skin type, the seasons, your stress levels and the use of cosmetic products are all contributing factors to your skin concerns. Also your diet is key! The good news is you can control your diet to keep your skin looking younger and great.

Top 5 Spa Treatments To Enjoy This Winter

Healthy and youthful skin is something all of us love! Winters can be damaging to the skin, and it could take us months of hard work to restore our skin’s glory. But with various spa treatments exclusively designed for the winter months, your skin can continue to maintain its glow as the weather grows colder and the winds drier. Hibernate in style this winter with these spa specials.