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GUEST POST: 6 Incredible Ways to Get Painless Waxing

Body wax is super painful, whether it’s full body wax or bikini wax. But, it has become a necessity today, at least for the females. It’s time to rejoice ladies! Here are some magical tricks that can help you turn your waxing smooth and ouchless.
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Sleep Masks ─ Fad or Must Have?

Just as in fashion, skin care has trends as well. Like the “it” color, skin care products, steps in regimens and treatments come in and out of style every season. One trend that has been around for a few seasons that we think is here to stay are sleep masks.
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Fall Product Switch Up

As you are thinking about packing away the bathing suits and flip flops until next summer, it is also the perfect time to review your skincare and beauty products. This time of year is more about a slight tweaking vs a major overhaul of the regimen. Here are our recommendations including 3 of our picks to set aside for fall and the products to replace them with.
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Skin Care 101 – How To Care for Skin When Going Back to School

It is the close of summer and school is in full swing. No matter what your age, with the changing weather and daily routines this time of year, it is important to re-evaluate your skin care habits and products. Stay at the head of the class with our Skin Care 101 tips.
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GUEST POST: How Healthy is Your Skin? A Guide to Sunless Tanning

Many people find having sun-kissed skin desirable. Being tan can enhance your muscle tone and highlight your assets, while concealing imperfections like stretch marks or skin blemishes. However, achieving a bronze glow by tanning in the sun can cause severe damage to the skin. Excessive UV exposure, whether through sun bathing or a tanning bed, can lead to sun burn, premature aging, and even eye damage and skin cancer.
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Celebrate End of Summer With Plums

Labor Day, the unofficial close of summer, is this weekend. As we say good-bye to vacation and endless days at the beach, it is also almost time to say good-bye to summer fruits. Plums are in season until the end of September, so they are the perfect fruit to incorporate into your Labor Day party menus. Your skin will thank you!
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Meet your SkinTwin through OKU

Everyone’s skin is unique, just like fingerprints. Overall skin health and appearance are affected by many factors including genetics, lifestyle, health conditions and environment, to name a few. This is why the products you read about or even those that work on your friend’s skin may not work on yours.
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Infographic: The Effects Of Dehydration

You’ve probably been listening about the importance of drinking enough water for some time now. It may seem logical and essential, but we think we can never emphasize it enough. So here’s another reminder about […]
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Keep Skin Clear While Exercising

While working out is great for overall skin health, if you are acne prone you need to take a few precautions to ensure exercise won’t do anything to exacerbate your acne issues. We have some great tips for before during and after your work-out to help you keep your skin clear.
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How Your Night Time Routine Could Be Ruining Your Skin

upporting skin health is a 24/7 endeavor. All of the good things you do for your skin during the day, from using SPF, eating healthy and drinking water could be completely negated if you are doing any of these things at night
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