The Beginner’s Guide to Dry Brushing

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the main organs responsible for detoxification (surprised?). The body actually releases one third of its toxins through the skin, so you can imagine how important it is to take good care of your dermis, making sure pores are regularly unclogged and dead skin cells sloughed off.
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Eat Beautifully: Five Skin-Healthy Comfort Food Ideas

As fall marches on, your interest in kale salads and fruit sorbet may dwindle, while your craving for lasagna and cheeseburgers starts to pique. How to satisfy your comfort food needs without feeling like you’ve ingested a block of cement? Here are 5 healthy comfort food dishes that hit the spot and are packed with fresh vegetables and nutrients.
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GUEST BLOG: Long-Term Benefits of Using Vegan Beauty Products

A disturbingly large amount of cosmetic, skin and hair care companies offer products that obtain quick results in short periods of time for mildly complicated issues, but they neglect to inform their customers about are the adverse effects from toxic ingredients they use in many products that potentially harm the body.

Take the Acid Test: The Uses and Benefits of 6 Top Skincare Acids

Acid might conjure images of a burning, flaking, far-too-aggressive skincare treatment only aging Hollywood starlets must subject themselves to. No so! There are many gentle, effective ‘acids’ that can transform your skin without irritation. Here, we’ll run down six of the most popular so you can choose products with the acid that’s right for your skincare needs.
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GUEST INFOGRAPHIC: Get the Right Nutrients for Healthy Hair

If you are ready to have healthier and flowing hair, you need to start by looking at your diet. Your hair requires a diverse array of nutrients so that it has the strength and resilience necessary to grow and be healthy. These nutrients should come from the foods that you eat as often as possible so that your body properly processes them.