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Do You Need Retinoids?

Retinoids give the best bang for your skin-care buck. So now, what’s stopping you from becoming a retinoid fan?

Rumor: Your Age Is A Mind And Body Game

Bryan Adams sure got it right with his song,"18 till I die..." Age is just a number and feeling young or old is a matter of your mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! Having a youthful outlook to life can keep you feeling younger, no matter what your chronological age is. When you feel young, you are going to look young.
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10 Incredible Anti Aging Tips

Many handsome men and beautiful women, who were renowned for their beauty during their youth, have looked hideous during their old age. Aging cannot be avoided but there are various ways by which its effects could be delayed or reduced. Here are 10 vital tips to fight skin aging by guest blogger Jenny.
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Make Antioxidants Your Best Friend

The public enemy number one when it comes to aging is – free radicals. Our bodies create them naturally, particularly when exposed to sunlight or when we are stressed. Excessive exercise also sets off an avalanche of free radical production, due to increased intake of oxygen.
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Does Sugar Make Your Skin Age?

Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and macaroons! I have worked really hard to control my sugar cravings. The promise of a slim waistline has only been a temporary motivator as I see myself fall prey to sweet temptations more often that I would like. But, the shocker recently came when I found out that excess refined sugar is a big contributor to skin aging.

TLC For Dad’s Skin

Dad- sons idolize him and aspire to be like him; daughters adore him. With reducing family sizes dads are on their toes, working hard, shooting ball with children, taking them to school, driving them to ballet or taekwondo… the list goes on (very much like Mamas). In effect, their personal health takes a back seat, especially their skin. How does your Dad’s skin respond to overwork and neglect?

Wrinkles Explained!

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural result of the aging process with some people more prone to them because of both genetic and environmental factors. People with fair skin and blue eyes are more susceptible to the effects of the sun than people with darker complexions. People with Asian skin types and or black skin are less prone to wrinkles than people with white skin.

Ageless Hands

Your hands reveal the age of your skin. Giving your hands the same treatment that you would your skin is important.