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Sometimes less is more: Spotlight on Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare, sometimes less is more. As we’ve covered in the first 2 segments of this series, overusing or combining certain products can have the opposite effect of the one you are […]
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Reach Out To Alpha Hydroxy Acids To Look Younger

What if we tell you that Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) treatments were a part of Cleopatra’s daily skin regimen! The earliest known use of AHA’s, albeit in their natural form, right from sour milk baths, to applying freshly squeezed lemon juice was a common beauty practice.

Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Before you decide to get a chemical peel either at the doctor’s office or at a clinic/spa, be sure to understand the differences in the types of chemical peels! There are 3 main types of chemical peels: AHA, TCA, and phenol. They are all named after the chemical compound of which they are composed of.

Combat Those Age Spots!

How many of us think that age spots are completely related to age? I too, accepted age spots as part of the ‘growing older’ skin genesis. Little did I know that these little brown spots were a lot more than just a side effect of aging.

Adios Enlarged Pores

There are a number of things you can blame for your enlarged pores. Genetics, prolonged sun exposure, excessively oily skin, improper diet, poor lifestyle, inadequate cleaning routine, hormonal changes during puberty or menopause… all can be contributory factors to this condition.

Basics of Acne Management

The truth is that we all worry about acne and its return from cradle to grave. The moment we see that pimple, instinctively, we touch it, rub it, pick it or simply wish it to go away. Thankfully, now there is a whole gamut of acne treatments that can help you overcome your acne – and your fear!

Are Chemical Peels Good for Your Skin?

Chemical peels was performed in ancient Roman, Grecian and Egyptian times to achieve a smoother and beautiful complexion. But before rushing into a spa in the next 15 minutes, it’s important to understand the different types of chemical peels and potential risks to decide which one is best for your skin.

What are AHAs?

AHA is an acronym for alpha hydroxy acid, a fruit acid derived from various plant and milk sugars. With over 200 manufacturers producing products that contain this key ingredient, I thought you would want to know more about it.