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What Not To Do To New Pimples

Probably the hardest thing to do when a breakout is lurking is to simply leave it alone. The unknown potential of a pimple makes the average person want to pinch and squeeze in hopes of it disappearing. Little do people know that the more the skin is touched, the greater the chance of that pimple going from innocuous to embarrassingly obvious. If you’re guilty of picking and pinching new pimples, read on for a few reasons to back away from those blemishes.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen?

Do you find buying a sunscreen overwhelming? Every time I walk down the cosmetic aisle I’m bombarded with innumerable sunscreen options; SPF this, UVA that, UVB this, water proof, water resistant, cream, lotion, spray on, SPF powders and air brush sunscreens. In my confusion, I end up with something that I don’t really need or something that doesn’t work.